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[Review] - ColourVUE Crazy Blind White (on light eyes)

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Halloween isn't really celebrated here in Denmark but that won't stop me from dressing up anyways and hopefully attend some spooky themed party the weekend leading up to.
Aaaaand what better ways to finish a scary costume are there other than with a pair of spooky lenses? None!

Which is why I was super overly excited when LensVillage reached out to me for a sponsorship some weeks ago!

They let me choose whatever pair of lenses that I wanted (except for sclera) and I totally utilized that opportunity to get myself a pair of completely white lenses - more specifically the ColourVue Crazy Blind White lenses!
It is these babies that I'm going to review today so let's just jump right into it!

                       Diameter                    : 14 mm
                       Water Content           : 45%
                       Base Curve                8.6mm
                       Using period              : 3 months
                       Colour:                       : White


First off is shipping, which has been slower than the other lens companies I have worked with or bought from before.
I picked the lenses on the 15th, my order was confirmed on the 19th, and they arrived on the 7th (18 days later). I felt like I had waited half an eternity before they finally came, which was probably because I was so excited, but I also suspect my local post office to have delayed the delivery since I got both these and another sponsored lens package on the same date.
It could be just a coincidence but I have a slight feeling that perhaps they'd forgotten this first package or maybe waited with the delivery since I had the other package coming right around the same time.
That's something we'll never find out. BUT, if you're thinking of getting lenses like these for Halloween and want to make sure that they're there on time, perhaps you should consider express shipping depending on where you live.
My lenses came in an elongated, thin box (that I did not get a good picture of), wrapped in a soft, protective wrapper. With my order I, of course, also got a free lens case and a little card telling me how to participate in their selfie contest where 3 monthly winners will receive 2 pairs of circle lenses, 2 animal casings, or a facial mask. I'm definitely going to participate once I've finished this review! ^ㅅ^

Here we have the lenses in the vials. Do note that they are power 0.00 meaning they have no prescription. It's not something you can get either for a reason I'll explain later.

Okay the lenses are NOT like in the picture I took from their website (which every other site I know of is using as well). There is no outer ring and you cannot catch a glimpse of the pupil underneath. It's a simple white colour and a very solid one at that. I'm pretty sure it'll completely cover up dark eyes just like light eyes. Unless you're as close to a person as my camera was when I took the close-up, they're pretty good at blending with the sclera (the white part of the eyes).
The lenses promise nothing more than being completely white. Since they live up to that, there isn't much else for me to say.
As you can see there are little darker dots in the middle of the lens.
At first I thought I had perhaps rubbed a little too hard and thus scratching the lens while rinsing them the first time but after putting them in I learned that these tiny baby holes are what allows you to have those 5% remaining sight left. So be thankful for them!
The holes are mostly in one of my lenses meaning that I am only able to see with that one eye. The other eye is completely blind unless I'm looking at a strong light source. If I were to look at the sun, I would see a light red dot and everything else around it would be white.

It should be pretty self-explanatory that there's no enlargement unless you've got ink injected into your scleras like Grace Neutral.

Comfort   �����
Wearing the lenses was a super interesting experience!
My eyes were feeling absolutely no discomfort when I wore the lenses so if they were normal lenses I would probably have given them 5 out of 5 starts. Though, admittedly I haven't worn them for more than an hour top. The reason for this being that they literally BLIND ME temporarily (at least 95% blind me).

It said on their website:

"*Please take note that the Blind White lens is a pair of blind lens which you are not be able to have a clear sight after putting it on."

..buuut I feel like maybe they should have changed the wording to something like:
"Please take note that the Blind White lens is a pair of blind lenses that will completely and utterly blind you to the extend that you will, at best, only be able to sense shapes. And you should have someone help you if you are to move around. And avoid stairs at all cost. Seriously."

So yea, you can't get them with prescription. Not that it matters since you wouldn't be able to see even with perfect eyesight.
To make my point crystal clear (ha ha, did you SEE what I did there?), I've edited some pictures for you to see what it is like to wear the lenses.
Let's start off with an unedited picture of my kitchen from when I first moved in.
Now this was how I thought it'd look AKA expectation
But this was the reality I was met with
For short: the lenses will nearly completely blind you. You should not attempt to wear these outside if do not have a person around who is able to help and guide you at all times. Also do NOT attempt to walk down stairs with them... it's crazy. Wearing the lenses will take you to a point where you will either be trying really really hard to utilize the 5% remaining sight you have or have you almost crawling around your living room in order to avoid walking into things.
Another thing to note is that I think one's sight is a little better in the dark compared to normal daylight.

First off I'd like to apologize for the pictures being out of focus. I couldn't see so I had Chris help me take the pictures with a different camera than I normally use.
Outside, one lens
Outdoor, both lenses
Indoor, warm light
Indoor, cold light

Full face
What a lovely dead expression, no?

Overall   ☆ (3½)
Overall I'm happy with my lenses!
Except for the lack of sight they are exactly how I had hoped they would be. 
But although they look super awesome, I really can't wear them for much more than photos since I can't see a thing. Thus, they're probably most fitting for photoshoots of if you're going to be an extra in a haunted house event - or if you want to freak out your neighbors or something. You do you.
Anyways, I'm probably still going to use them for Halloween and then just wear one (or just for more creepy pictures).
If I were to give my two cents of advice I'd say that if you like these white lenses but the lack of sight would bother you, try LensVillage's ColourVUE Crazy Whiteout lenses or ColourVUE Crazy White Screen lenses. The whiteout lens looks basically the same as mine except for the hole for the pupil (and it comes with prescription) while the screen lens cover the entire pupil and iris bus has little holes so that your vision will be more clear than with the ones I got.

That was it for my review!
If you're interested in these lenses or any other lenses from LensVillage, you can use the code
without the " "'s to get a 15% off your purchase ^ㅅ^

Thank you for reading!

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