Sunday, November 20, 2016

Writing contest in Vienna - 3/3

On our third and last day in Vienna we had a couple of hours before our flight back to Denmark around 3pm.
We didn't do that much that day or see that much so I'll keep this post short and simply and share the few pictures I took that day.

First stop was the breakfast buffet. I was really looking forward to a long breakfast session without having to keep an eye on the time.
We all went up to grab food but since they had so many different kinds of tea and I was undecisive as ever, I was the last one to return. When I did, Irina had joined us!

We'd just finished and both Charlotte and Irina seemed ready to go but Celine and I kept them hostage as we went to have our second serving of breakfast.
The scrambled eggs were some of the best I have ever had! So tasteful. So creamy.

After breakfast we parted with Irina.
At some point while being driven around in the bus the day before, Celine had seen a market and a big Asian food store that she really wanted to visit. So we went back upstairs, packed our stuff, and checked out so we wouldn't have to return to the hotel but could instead go directly to the airport from wherever we were going.

I don't remember where we went this time but it was a BIG subway station conpared to the other ones we'd gone to. We almost got lost down there because there were arrows on the floor leading a bunch of ways and people everywhere walking in every possible direction.
While still under ground, a group of guys who had been taking the same "train" as us stopped a bit further in front of us and stared at something while talking to a girl.

As we got closer we saw what it was that they were staring at: a sizeable chunk of meat. In motion. On a swing.

It must have been some sort of art project but we didn't see anyone around and there were no signs explaining what in the world that swinging chunk of meat was doing there.

After a considerable amount of walking, we finally found the market!
But guess what? Everything was closed ・ヘ・
The girl I shared room with had mentioned something about today being some sort of special day but I hadn't expected it to be a major day where stores would be closed.
Oh well... we walking around the place for a short while to look at it and then decided to go somewhere more popular in hopes that the stores there wouldn't be closed.

On our way back underground we had to pass several pedestrian crossings and it gave me the perfect opportunity to finally catch pictures of their streetlights.
You see, on the first day I had noticed that there were two people instead of one showing when to stop/stand at the crossings and that they had a little heart in between them.
WELL today I found out that there are actually three kinds of these!
There's one like the one I think I saw the first day:
But there are also ones with two MEN
And ones with two women as well!
Along with Copenhagen, Vienna is probably one of the most openly gay friendly places I have been to and I loved it!
It wasn't shoving it in our faces or forced upon people to accept. It was simply 3 different kinds of couples in love, letting you know when to stop for cars or cross the cross.

Down in the "subway"/U-Bahn we walked along a long path before getting to the place where we could jump on one of the trains.
Along the walls were mirrors with all sorts of counters; Tourists in Vienna, children dead from starvation (gruesome one), population count, and so on.
My favorite was this one:
"Consumed schnitzels in Vienna since January 1st"

We took the U-Bahn back to Stephansplatz where Celine and Charlotte bought a weiner and a pretzel (something they'd wanted since day one).
It was amazing!
There's nothing like a good wei--- no let's not say that. My point is that it was good.
I was more in the mood for ice cream so after they finished their food, we went over to an ice cream shop with a challeging sign. I mean "The world's best ice cream"? Really? We better test that.

Charlotte and I were mildly excited about all the different ice cream flavours and might have made the guy chuckle a bit over our reactions.
There were one or two more waitresses, dressed like the girl standing in front of the shop, serving the costumers. Judging from their outfits I could just imagine how a fourth one would come flying out on roller skates and with a tray in hand. Disappointingly that did not happen.
Especially the nutella ice cream excited me so I ended up ordering one scoop of that and one with peanutbutter ice cream  \(✧0✧ \).
Celine ordered the same as me AND a scoop of .. coconut I think it was.

Since the café area in front of the shop was only for customers eating actual food, we sat down a little further away and enjoyed our ice cream and the last moments of not-so-cold weather before going back to Denmark.

After our little food adventure we took the U-Bahn back to Südtiroler Platz and from there a train to the airport.
Our 48-hour passes were still in effect but it turned out that Vienna airport is not withing Vienna. The ticket inspector told us this when he came to check our tickets but let us pay the difference without any trouble. I don't think they would have been that nice about it had it been in Denmark.

I have no more pictures so let's end the post here ^^
The flight back was fine and without any stomach dropping ascendings mid-air. So all was good!

~Thank you for reading along~

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