Sunday, August 27, 2017

Day 5: Hangang picnic

Dear blog,

Right now Celine is working out on our floor and I'm being a good support by sitting in my bed while telling her encouraging words like 화아팅 (fighting) and 아자 (aja), eating marshmallows, and playing the Rocky theme for her.

Earlier today Celine and I went to Hongdae to buy some small plants that Celine had fallen in love with a few days ago and also buy shampoo. We have named them Steve #1 and Steve #2.

This is the entrance to where we bought the plants - it turned out to be a café!
We were already in love with the plants outside and then we came in and found these MICROSCOPIC MINI PLANTS!!

Celine liked the ceiling decorations and wanted pictures of it..

Before that, we made a stop here in Sinchon (where our dorm is) to get Celine some open shoes. Celine's feet were a little too wide for the shoes so we had a lot of time to talk to the guy working there while he used this fancy tool to expand the rims. He guessed our age to be 19 in Korean age (17 or 18-years-old), said that our noses were tall, and that we has very small faces - which are compliments in Korean culture.

After our super late lunch (donkotsu ramen), we sat down on the street in Hongdae and watched people dance while waiting for Johanne to come.
And the dancers~
The girl in the white shirt went over the this foreigner guy and pulled him from the crowd. She asked if they could use him for a dance and soon after he found himself surrounded by 3-4 very energetic Korean girls. He looked so suspicious of them the entire time while the danced against him and dragged him around. It was fantastic!

Together we went to meet my friends Camilla and John to have a Scandinavian reunion! John has been living here for a while now and Camilla came earlier this month. She's going to take her entire bachelor here in Korea and Kyunghee University!

We met up around 8pm at Express Bus Terminal exit 6 (this is near the Han river!) went to a nearby store and bought some alcoholic peach sodas and some outdoor blanket-thingie to sit on, and found a good space on the grass to have our nightly picnic. John ordered chicken and Camilla had brought oreos and popcorn with butter and garlic taste.
It was great meeting them again ♡

I forgot to take pictures during our picnic so here are some from our way home in the subway.

It's 2am now so I'm going to head to sleep!
We've got a mandatory orientation meeting tomorrow for those of us staying in the dorms ^^

Update: Celine is now throwing marshmallows at me

By the way, waking up in my bed in the dorm was amazing. It was just so great having a slightly permanent place to sleep. I felt so at home already and it's only become better the past few days.

Celine told me last time we went to Korea that she caught me sleeping with my legs up.. this morning she showed me this. Just wait, I have taken funny sleeping picture of her too!

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  1. Hey both of you pretty young ladies ❤️
    Thanks for this outstanding and highly informative update - looking forward to loads to come. Great fun Great experiences.


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