Monday, August 28, 2017

Day 6: Housing orientation

Today was housing orientation in the morning. In a mail we'd gotten it said 8am but on the paper we got when we moved in it said 9am. We woke up early only to have me run downstairs to the desk people and hear that the meeting time was 9am.
They told us the rules, where to find the trashcans, how to wash our clothes (I'm pretty sure I've forgotten already) etc.

On one of their slides it said "Disinfection" and they pretty elegantly skipped this great disinfection so a student raised her hand and asked what it was about.

The answer was something along the lines of:
"From 2pm we have people going around the dormitory. And then they open the doors to your rooms and put gas in. And you should not be in the room when they do it because it's not good for you."

Cue the laughter.

Afterwards we went to have lunch and then back to campus to find the statue that Isabella wanted to meet with us at the day after before the international student orientation.
Celine had a hard time walking around and once we found what we were looking for, she just gave up for a moment.
Going back to the dorms we tried going a different way to maybe find a quicker way home and suddenly Celine discovered a dinosaur hiding in the bushes on campus.
Can you spot it?

In the evening I was going to go to Hangang with my friend Changseob but it began raining and JUST NEVER STOPPED AND THERE WAS SO MUCH WATER AND EVERYTHING WAS IMPOSSIBLE so we found a place to eat and to wait out the rain. But the rain didn't stop.

I was pretty sad that we didn't get to see the lights at the river since I'd promised to send my sister pictures </3

Celine has been bothering me about it ever since because I was out for 5 hours and practiced my Korean while she was at home enjoying her foot masks.

We're both pretty worried about the placement test Friday and I don't think those 5 hours that I spoke Korean in did that much for me.

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