Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Day 8: Preparing for the test

Today was a more relaxed day.
The placement test is nearing and we're worrying about it more and more. Thus, today we decided to be good students and actively study!

We packed our bags and went down to Sinchon and sat down in a café called Holly's Coffee. None of us had had breakfast before this (actually, I haven't had breakfast since we came here.. wooops?) so we each bought something to help us through the grammar.

Celine ordered some sort of cheese hotdog and some mint tea. I had a piece of oreo cake because I always eat chocolate when I have to endure a long study session.
She said it was weird because the bread was so sweet. Typical Korean bread.
My cake was really good though! Except the brownie thingie on top. That was kind of weird too.

After maybe 4 hours of studying we decided that enough was enough and to go down and listen to some performers to clear our minds. This guy charmed people by pointing at and waving to people. I caught it on video!
As we were sitting there, listening, a guy/man came over and asked if we'd participate in a survey that he was doing on foreigners. He worked as an international counselor at one of the universities here and wanted to conduct some research on foreigners' minds to better be able to help those people, who attend the school he is at. He asked me to not share the 'survery/test' anywhere so that's why I've blurred it. But through our answers, he/they would try to do some sort of personality analysis and would contact us later if we were interested in having done one of these tests for free as thanks for helping out with the project.
The tast was simple but somehow ended up throwing Celine into a smaller existential crisis. He thanked us and walked out into the world in search for more foreigners (he's the one in a white shirt and gray pants).

We'd told ourselves to study more in the evening after dinner but that didn't happen..

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