Thursday, August 31, 2017

Day 9: Preparing for the test II

Today had its interesting moments. Read on, please.

For once I woke up early!
And I spent the morning blogging until Celine woke up as well. That's how I managed to suddenly post so many blog posts these few days. I'm not a fast writer, I just had one very productive morning.

Since we didn't get to study as much as we'd hoped for yesterday, today was to be yet another study day.


Okay now we can continue the post.
Once again we went to Holly's Coffee but this time went aaaall the way up to the roof top! It was really hot today, around +30°C, and the sun was shining brightly. It was the perfect weather to enjoy Sinchon in.

I snapped some selfies while waiting for Celine to finish packing her bag for the day.

We'd brought these doughnut 'munchkins' on our way from the dorm. Now that I think about it, we completely forgot to buy anything there.
We were being very serious students.

For dinner we went looking for a Subway that Celine had seen one of the other days. After having acquired our sandwiches, we sat down at one of the places that people usually perform at here in Sinchon. Only today, at this time, there was no one performing. But we were quite a few people just sitting there.
We had only just sat down (as in I saw these people inching closer before my butt touched the seat) when we were interrupted the first time by 3 Koreans with a big camera. They were most likely filming for a campaign or something.
The first guy said hi in Korean, we answered in Korean, and tHEN LOADS OF KOREAN WORDS JUST FELL OUT OF HIS MOUTH AND WE UNDERSTOOD NOTHING.
We came to a common understanding that other guy would say something and then we'd say:
"안 떠요" (The verb has different meanings and I don't know which meaning they wanted)
and do a *no* motion with our hands.

They said thank you and walked on.
We got to eat maybe half of our sandwiches when suddenly Johanne and one of our juniors, Rebekka, appeared out of nowhere! We chit-chatted until *poof* we were disturbed a second time.
This time it was a lone Korean who, very eagerly, told us about this big peace event that was to be held at Jamsil stadium on the 18ᵗʰ. He could invite 20 people and really wanted foreigners to join. It did sound pretty exciting but it was at the same time as our Korean class so we gave him our Kakaotalks and told him we'd consider it later once we'd found out how many times we can miss class before getting in troubles.

We had a few more bites before a small group of girls came up to us and kept us from eating a third time. They told Celine something about doing an assignment for school or something and asked if they could take pictures with us because we were foreigners. Sure!

Some guys sitting across from us seemed to notice and smiled at the scene in front of them.
I waved for the girl to come sit between us for the picture and once it was done, they thanked us and hurried away. As they did, they giggled and let out exciting sounds like little fangirls. It was adorable really.

It's the group of girls gathered near the pole a little to the left in the picture.

We had only just finished freaking out over how adorable and funny that experience was when the same girls came back and asked for our names. When we told them, they thanked us once again and ran off in the same fashion as before.

Or so we thought
We had a moment to almost finish our sandwiches now before the guy, who'd sat down to my right, asked for the time and disturbed us a final fourth time. Yes yes, he acted all innocent but I had totally smelled it coming!

He seemed like the typical curious Korean, who wanted to know where we were from, what we were doing in Korea, etc.
He told us that he worked in the nearby department store (the big building behind Celine) and asked if we'd like to have lunch with him someday because we had to leave for work now.

Well, why not?
I suppose it's a good idea to make as many relations as possible while we are here.

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