Thursday, September 7, 2017

Day 16: Traditional buildings at Yonsei


After class in 'the morning,' Celine and I went back to our dorm to relax. Celine took a nap and I blogged a bit.
Today was REALLY hot. There were barely any clouds in the sky and the temperature was above 34°C. The humidity is also not as insane as when we first came here so it really was like a perfect southern European summer day.

Around 11am Wonjun texted me to come to the Mentors Club booth.
I think since Monday or so campus has been full of these blue and green tents with representatives from different clubs trying to attract new members (but only Koreans. I think think the clubs us foreigners can join will be presented to us later). That's probably why there were so many people in the cafeteria yesterday!

Since Celine was still sleeping, I went alone.
When I was there, I got to meet some of the other mentors.

Wonjun also thought that this was the perfect time for me to practice my Korean by handing out flyers and stopping random Koreans to tell them about the club. In Korean!

I stopped people 3-4 times and then went to hide in shame under the shadow from the tent.

The people in the booth were taking shifts and when Wonjun's shift ended, he and I went to the cafeteria to grab lunch. Compared to the one Celine and I ate at with Isabella on Celine's birthday, this one should be more focused on Asian food (Korean, Japanese, and Chinese).
In the cafeteria there is a place where you can grab water in a little paper cup (I'll take some pictures next time I go) but at this place we could also have cold yuzu tea (유자차). It was very sweet and tasted exactly like a cool-aid my family in Denmark sometimes drinks.

Wonjun still had some time to kill before his next class so he showed me the old traditional building that Celine and I had walked by and noticed the day we moved into our dorm.
I thought it would be closed off like many other buildings at the palaces but no! I could actually go inside this one! Wonjun waited for me outside since he'd already seen it.

There were slippers right by the door that you could change into as to not dirty the floor.
The room was basically this mini museum about the history of Yonsei and how it was founded.
There was also a 1:50 scale of what was the beginning of Yonsei University.

He showed me another bulding that was right outside the first one.
Wonjun told me about one of the old Korean kings, who ordered his son be put in here until the son died.
I forgot their names and the reason why it turned out like this so I'm updating this blog post later when Wonjun replies to me.
The third and last building hadn't been remodeled as much.
Pay attention to the absolutely BEAUTIFUL ceiling construction.

He also asked me if I had been to the museum at school. No? Is there a museum at our school?!
Apparently there is. Wonjun took me there.
My pictures don't do the view justice at all! It felt so much bigger than what is shown here and the view of the traditional buildings was stunning!
I love Seoul. I love how high-tech it is. But it's in moments like these that I'm reminded that I'm in Korea.
There wasn't much to look at and Wonjun thought that maybe there were different sections that were closed off that day so this was all we saw. But it was enough. I'm happy I saw it.

Like every day for the next half year, we had Korean class (KLI) from 16.00-18.00.
At the end of class, our teacher announced that we'd have to write 1 full page in Korean with the tittle "나의 첫____" (My first _____) and turn it in on Tuesday. She would then correct any mistakes and have us learn it by heart and do a 3-minute presentation on it in front of class at a later date (September 19ᵗʰ or 21ˢᵗ).

Iohan had warned us when we talked to him in the airport that the first presentation was going to be shortly after starting school but we had both happily forgotten about it until now. 

Another thing!
As you could see in this post, my schedule is pretty messy. I don't feel like there is enough time to explore between my classes so from now on it will probably be the posts from the weekends that are going to be the most interesting ones.

I'll still make a post for every day we spend here but just know that they might not all contain super interesting tales of adventures ^^;

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