Saturday, September 9, 2017

Day 18: Celebrating Celine

Today was going to be Celine's day!
Since we couldn't celebrate her properly on her birthday due to our schedule, we'd decided to have dinner together in the evening. Isabella have had some troubles lately and didn't have time to join us but Johanne did!

Also, today was the day I'd planned to meet up with my friend Kim (김동은), who I went to high school with in America back in 2013! He's the one to the right!

This picture is so bad though

Kim and his friend Alex (정찬우), who I had talked to just a tiny bit before going to Korea, wouldn't be arriving before 18.00 since Kim lives in Suwon, which is right outside Seoul.
Although I woke up late after staying up with Jake the night before, we still had a bit of time to spend before meeting up with the others. Celine really wanted to try this lotion that she'd seen in a store at Hongdae station and so we went!

We'd originally considered eating in Hongdae since we were already going there but there were sooooooo many people! I have never seen it that bad before !
Instead we went back to Sinchon and walked around a bit to look for places to eat at. Having found nothing so far, we stepped into Artbox to get me some pencils and Celine a new notebook. On our way back to the station where we'd be meeting the others, Celine spotted a jjimdak place that we decided upon.

Johanne was, like us, at the station in time but Kim and his friend were late. When they finally showed up, I was so excited to see Kim again after 4,5 years that I couldn't help but hug him! Kim, in return, went completely stiff from the surprise hahahah.

Now it was time to eat and as we sat down, we were handed this little check-list on which we'd write down our order. I think this was the first time I'd seen hanja used so casually in real life.
And here we've got our guests of the day! Alex to the left and Kim to the right~
We had one giant serving of jjimdak!
And some salad on the side that included sweet cornflakes. We mentioned how weird it seemed to be eating cornflakes, sweet even, in a salad but Kim, this wise human being, said that it was probably just due to stereotypes prejudice that we felt like that.
Alex told us how they used to drink 소맥 (somaek = soju and beer) for people's birthday and we replied by telling them about our Danish customs of giving different kinds of shots to the birthday child on their 18th birthday.

I promised my mom to take pictures of Kim ♡ But aaaah. I forgot to take a picture of him and I together. Sorry mom! I'll do it next time I meet him!

After eating, we bought Celine and Johanne bought ice cream and we all sat down outside where Celine and I sometimes sit. Kim and Alex were trying to come up with things to do since Koreans usually do several things when they go out as compared to us, who were satisfied with just having dinner together. We ended up going to a coin noraebang (karaoke place) that is a place where you pay per song you sing. It was a small but fun party and I got to hear Kim sing! So far, all my Korean friends have done pretty well when I've gone singing with them!

Later in the night the guys had gone to watch the new 'It' movie and Kim updated me on it through Kakao messages. Going to watch a movie had been one of their suggestions of things to do while we were hanging out.

We showed the boys back to the subway station since they had to take the subway back to Alex's place before it got too late, and then we walked towards our dormitory with Johanne until the roads to our different dorms had us split up.

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