Monday, September 11, 2017

Day 20: I missed class

Since I only have class in the afternoon on Mondays, I'd made plans to eat lunch with Jake today.

I'd also planned to stop by the International Office when they opened at 09.00 to help with my Alien Card Registration appointment. I really tried to make one myself but the website wasn't exactly cooperating.
But alas! The night before I'd gone to bed waaaaay too late. Like 03.30 or so and I regretted absolutely everything this morning!
Yeah. That didn't happen.

I gathered enough strength to get up and get dressed in time to meet Jake, though!
Today felt like a good selfie day. I'm in love with this app called Snow. Seriously, try it out if you haven't already.

I waited for a while at the station and absolutely every. single. person. that passed me starred at me. They weren't evil stares, more like what-is-she-doing-here stares. You see, since it's mostly a living area, there isn't much reason for foreigners to go there and so we are quite the sensation I guess.
At some point, a young guy around my age passed me up. He asked me in Korean if I spoke Korean (hooray something I could understand!), why I was there, who I was waiting for, where I was going, where I'd learned Korean, and so on. When I asked about him, he told me that he was a monk and at this point he started using words that I didn't know.
He said something about luck, put his hands together, and sort of gestured towards me. The old lady, who accompanied him, said something to me but 70% of the time I cannot for the life of me understand what elder people say. Then the guy repeated the part about luck and wished me a good day with the softest, sweetest voice.
It's the two people with the backpacks in the middle of the picture!
For the longest time I thought I'd been blessed by a monk but when I told Jake about it, he was convinced that the guy wasn't a monk. Because a monk would have had hair.

We ate jjajangmyeon (black bean noodles) in Isu and in true Korean style, Jake paid. And then I bought him a chocolate drink afterwards to pay him back.

We walked to Jake's place afterwards and I was once again shocked by just how different his neighborhood was from anything I'd seen in Seoul so far.
We turned on the TV, which instantly showed us a cooking program. He told me about the host of the show, who went around different restaurants to taste their food. He was himself a cook and had at least 7-8 eating places just in this neighborhood!

 Jake hadn't been sleeping home for the past 2 or 3 days and really wanted a shower. Meanwhile he'd showed me this BIG worm-like-body-pillow that I instantly conquered. Once I laid down, it was like my body suddenly realized just how much sleep I lacked and I must have been lightly asleep when Jake came back into the room.

...and then we had yet another long, lazy moment of talking.
I had left my phone in the living room and when I finally remembered that I should keep an eye on the time, I still had 10'ish minutes before we had to go back to the subway so I could get back to Sinchon for class.
Well those minutes flew by and when I looked at my phone again, it was too late for me to make it back in time! I would rather stay away completely than having to possibly face my teacher and tell her why I was late...

So I stayed with Jake until 5.30pm and then he followed me to the subway station so I could go back home.
Crossing Hangang is the best. The view is beautiful (as long as the weather isn't foggy. It was the other morning and there was a ghost-like feel to it). Today I got to watch the last rays of sun hit the buildings.

When I got to Sinchon, I messaged Celine, asking her if she wanted me to grab some food on my way home. While I was waiting for her reply, I watched this elderly man play the piano that has been put near the beginning of the main street. There was another, young guy playing guitar and singing loudly near the old man but I recognized the classical piece the man was playing and walked closer to listen. In the beginning it was just me and another girl but after 10-15 minutes, we were a smaller group listening to him play. He played beautifully and had no notes or anything in front of him. It was all by ear and memory.

Celine didn't want anything and I headed straight home. I went the new, possibly quicker way and stopped on the bridge to catch the orange and blue sky.

When I returned, I remembered that we had to write an entire page in Korean for tomorrow. Hnnnnng!!
As I worked my way through it, the remaining chocolate that Wonjun had given me yesterday accompanied me.
Once I'd finished the paper, I'd also finished the chocolate ㅋㅋㅋ

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