Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Day 21: Attack of the laundry

Today was one of those days I should have stayed in bed.

I physically left it, but mentally I didn't.
I went to all my classes but I almost fell asleep during Korean Popular Culture class and Korean class wasn't any better.

In our culture class, our teacher spent the entire two hours showing us music videos with different kinds of traditional music from different Asian countries.
The first videos had really nice music and it made me so tired to just sit there and listen.
When it came to Korean mask dancing, all I could think of was that it sounded like melodic farts.

The night before, Wonjun had asked if we had any plans for lunch. He had about an hour to go eat in and since Celine had told him the other night that she liked sushi, he suggested we go to a sushi place today!
We walked towards the main gate where he'd told us to meet him.
I hear that the weather is pretty bad in my hometown now (most likely all of Denmark). So here: have some summer and beautiful greenery. I'm enjoying every day that I get of it ☀
Suddenly someone greeted Celine from behind. It was Wonjun!

The place we ate at was not far from campus. We could watch the chef prepare the sushi as we ate and when I pointed to one dish and asked Wonjun and Celine what they thought it was, the chef answered instead.
Some of the dishes wasn't actual food but plastic! Like the one on the red plate on the bottom.
Celine grabbed my phone to take this picture. It was surprisingly sweet. Like, surprisingly!
Unlike at home where we pay a set price, we paid pr. plate here. If I remember correctly, we paid 1200₩ (1USD / 6,5 DKK) per dish.
On our way back I slipped into Artbox to buy a notebook. I bought one just like Celine's and now we're twins.
We parted with Wonjun, whose class would be starting soon, and went back to our dorm. I can't even remember what we did, I was that tired today.

Korean class was a mess.
I could not focus at all and when it comes to Korean, if I don't hear the beginning of a sentence, I don't understand anything.
Today I really felt like giving up on learning Korean.

When class finally finished, none of us felt like doing anything big for dinner and just grabbed something from the convenience store on our way back.

As soon as I could, I switched into the most lazy clothes I could find, which happened to be Jake's jacket that I'd accidentally brought with me home after carrying it for him in my backpack yesterday.
I was in a lazy mood and proclaimed that I wanted to do absolutely nothing more today.

But here's where I was productive for the first time today (and went against my proclamation),
For the first time since coming to Korea, I washed my clothes!
Celine showed me how to get a laundry card and start the machines. While waiting for it to finish, I went down (and brought Celine with me) to buy cookies. When my laundry was done and I took it out of the dryer, most of it was still damp and so I kind of took over the entire room.
I had clothes hanging in the bathroom as well, on my drawers, and on my desk too.
At least the soap they use here smells good!

In the evening I got a message on Kakaotalk from the ISF (International Student Fellowship) staff, inviting me to join their meetings(??).
Turns out it's a group that meets up weekly and arranges small groups for foreigners to practice Korean with Koreans. Iohan, our classmate, had given them my ID. In the airport he told us that we should try to find other ways to learn Korean because what we'd be doing in class wouldn't help us grow much. I suppose this was something he joined as well. And if Iohan recommends it, I believe it'll be best to tag along.

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