Thursday, September 14, 2017

Day 23: Moved for Isabella

Yesterday when helping Isabella with her contract, we promised to help her move today.

So today, after class, the 3 of us went straight to her apartment. Isabella gathered the trash and packed the last few things and then we were out and on our way!

Isabella suggested taking two trips but the lazy sides of Celine and I convinced her that we could carry everything at once. And we could! It just took a couple of random stops and some rotation of the things we carried.

The new apartment was about the same distance from the school as her first one. It was usually not a place that they let foreigners stay in because they preferred to rent them out for more than just a semester or two but Isabella 씨 was lucky.
When we entered the building, we let down everything we'd carried and took a moment to breathe. An elder cleaning lady (I think) saw us, grabbed some of our bags, and showed us to Isabella's new apartment.

Oh my gosh I was in love!
I would LOVE to live in a place like this back in Denmark! Everything was sleek and simple and THERE WAS A LOFT. YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND HOW AMAZED I WAS.
When you came in, the kitchen was on the right side of the room. Compared to what you see in small apartments in Denmark, this kitchen had so much storage space!
And to the left, across from the kitchen, was the bathroom. That was preeeeetty sleek as well!
The first place we checked out after having put our bags down was actually the loft.
Looking out and down into the rest of the apartment.
This is the view she gets to enjoy every day from now on. The tall building sort of in the middle of the picture is part of our school - and also where Celine and I had our tuberculosis tests taken.
I built Isabella a toilet tower like ours to inaugurate the new place. Just like on our first day in the dorm!
At this point we had grown pretty hungry. Isabella put a few more things into place and then we were on our way back to Sinchon to find some lunch.

My mandus were really good! The meat inside was very flavorful. 

Now that we'd been good movers, we agreed that we totally deserved ice cream after our lunch. We grabbed some from Baskin Robbins and sat down at a bench facing the main street.
Yaaaay Isabella 씨, who never looks bad in pictures even though she tries to derp almost every time I try to take pictures of her.
This is the cutest picture of Celine 씨 that I've taken in a while!
Featuring Celine's fingers behind my head

We split after this as Isabella was going to go back to her first apartment with some new toilet paper. At first she'd thought that she had bought it herself but later, after we'd moved for her, remembered that it was already there when she moved in. She didn't want any trouble with the first landlord and ended up spending the time in between classes going back and forth between her old and new apartment.

After class, Isabella really felt like eating at the burgers and shake place that is connected to our dorm. She'd seen the place yesterday while we were looking for a printer.
She and Celine ate something there and afterwards we went to a bakery, also close to our dorm, so I could buy bread that I had been craving.
I'm sort of sad that I didn't catch Celine while she was standing still because even while moving here, she looks super adorable.
I have not had the best experience with bread in Korea. It's simply much too sweet. But Ewhadang bakery pleasantly surprised me!

I bought melon bread (a sweet bun covered in a sugary cookie-like crust) and a chocolate cookie.

In the evening I/we were supposed to have gone to the International Student Fellowship meeting that I was invited to. But when I remembered, or rather, when the Russian girl wrote to me about it, I felt too tired to go. Today had been a long day. She wasn't sure of the meet-up place either so we decided to go together this coming week instead.

And then, in the night, something happened that made me very happy.
After our parents got divorced, I got a lot closer to my siblings, I feel. Soon, both of them decided they wanted to get a tattoo representing us all. At first it was stick men but they later changed it to roses. My brother has already had several sessions with the tattooist and is planning to have our birthdays/birth time tattooed as well.

My sister wanted something smaller as asked me to draw three small roses for her before I left.
Tonight, as I was blogging, my brother sent me a picture of my sister's new tattoo that she had just gotten. I was so proud.

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