Friday, September 15, 2017

Day 24: Chill day in Hongdae

Today was a pretty chill day.

Yeonkojeon (연고전 = the battle between Yonsei University and Korea University) is coming up this coming week and I am growing pretty excited! I've heard a lot about this and it certainly isn't lessening my interest when I hear sound tests from the amphitheater or see big banners like that one that we passed.

Celine pointed out how it said 원주, which is almost Wonjun's name. So she went over and made a ㄴ for it to become his name. And then we sent a picture of it to him later that night ㅋㅋㅋ

In between classes, Celine, Isabella, and I ate lunch at a small eating place that Wonjun had showed us the other day when we had sushi with him!
I don't want to call it a restaurant because there was only a counter with space for maybe 4 people and then a tiny table that we sat down at.
Celine told us that the eggs were brown because they had been marinated in soy and mirin (a sweet Japanese rice wine). They were the most flavorful part of the meal!
I really liked it but Celine thought that the broth was supposed to have more taste to it. She's the food expert in our group so she's most likely right.

Right after Korean class, I was supposed to meet up with Jake but he had to cancel as his dad called and told him they were going to Jake's grandpa's place to prepare for 추석 (chuseok, an upcoming holiday period here in Korea).
Oh well.
Celine was going to go with me to the station since she wanted to go back to a beauty store in the underground of Hongdae station for a BHA skin lotion.
I had mentally prepared myself for Friday adventures all day so I just tagged along.

There were surprisingly few people in Hongdae tonight considering it was a Friday night! But it was also pretty windy today (as windy as my hometown)!
It turned out that you couldn't get this BHA skinlotion anywhere in Korea, only the AHA one due to import regulations.

Since we were already in Hongdae, I'd hoped that the racoon café would be open! But no <//3
It was already 19.30 or so and the place was completely dark.
As we stood there, me pretty disappointed, a guy with his phone on a selfie-stick came over and asked if he could film us for his live stream. I think we had accidentally walked into the frame of his stream right before he came over. A bunch of people most likely saw me pouting at the thought of not being able to hug racoons that day.

For a short while we walked aimlessly around Hongdae. We passed an aimerfeel store and I asked if we could go in there, just to check if they should have gotten any new bras since last time I was in there. I only brought one light bra and could use another one since most of the shirts I brought are light too.
They hadn't gotten new ones but Celine and I simultaneously fell in love with the same style of bra but in different colours.
We tried them on and got excellent service (as any other time I've gone into an aimerfeel store) and woops! Somehow they successfully crept into our bags and followed us home.
Celine got one just like mine but with a baby pink instead of the lavender/blue.

For dinner we found a tiny place that sold chicken in cups. We ordered chicken marinated in garlic and soy and with cheese on top. They also put pieces of potato and ddeok (떡 = rice cake) in. I forgot to take a picture so what you see here are the sad leftovers; two pieces of chicken and a potato. None of us had had ddeok like this before (as in, we always had it with a spicy sause or something). It was sort of weird because I've come to link the texture of ddeok with spicy foods.

We'd sat down to listen to these 3 guys playing music while we ate. They were already there when we'd come earlier to look for Celine's skincare.
They didn't simply cover songs but changed them to fit their style. They did some pretty great covers of a Michael Jackson, Uptown Funk, etc.
We didn't have anything else we needed and went home not long after finishing our food.

When we came back to Sinchon, there were fake palm tress standing in the middle of the open place near the red tube. I don't know why. But I took pictures of it just because.

When we got home, Wonjun messaged me, suggesting our mentor group goes out to eat dog meet.
Holy cow Wonjun.
Celine wasn't too up for it, especially since she has a dog at home, and I wasn't sure what to think of it. One the one hand I would like to try it just for the experience, but on the other hand I have grown up to see dogs as pets and only pets. I couldn't imagine eating cat. But then again, that's sort of a weak argument.

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