Monday, September 18, 2017

Day 27: Lazy Monday

I generally try to do and see as much as possible while I'm here in Korea but once in a while it's good with a lazy day off.
Today was one of those days.

We went to class, of course, but did nothing exceptional today.

In the morning I went to buy bread to bring back home since I didn't get to do that yesterday.
We spent almost the entire day being lazy on our beds. I caught up on some blog posts and bugged Celine as she was taking pictures to use as her new profile picture on Facebook.

Aaaaw look at her so pretty and all

Then we went to class in the afternoon. It was like any other day so there isn't much to say about it.

For dinner, we gave in to Celine's pizza craving, that she's had since I told her about the pizza I ate with Jake, and found a Chicago pizza plane in Sinchon.

The pizza was placed over a flame on this metal tripod so it would keep warm. Nice idea!

Water and side dishes were self-served here. I'd decided I wanted to try to eat the strawberry jam with my pizza today and Celine grabbed a pouch with garlic sauce. The strawberry jam was surprisingly good!! I'm totally doing that again! Celine wasn't a huge fan of it and seemed to like the garlic sauce better - that felt too much like garlic butter to me.
Observe this beauty.
The cheese put up a fight when we grabbed our pieces and as we ate, it tried to escape the rest of the pizza. But no cheese. You were too slow. We ate it all.
Celine pointed out that the white part of the crust wasn't flour but in fact powdered sugar. Koreans and their sweet foods..

Before going home, we made a quick stop in Daiso to buy toothpaste as we had finally run out of the two half-full tubes I'd brought from home.
Let me just tell you something that Wonjun told us. Daiso is the name of this store that has pretty much everything, like Artbox but with more every day life stuff too, and their name is a word play of "다 있어" (da isseo = has everything). We were amazed.
There was a flamingo section!!!
I NEED to host a flamingo themed party at some point. It will happen.
We got our tooth paste. It pink and supposedly taste like ginger and mint. It just tastes sweet and the mint is almost nonexistent.

Going back home, Celine showed me a tunnel we could walk through to get to our dorm that Johanne had showed her the two nights earlier.
It was filled with graffiti that was, interestingly, almost all in English or roman letters.
We spent some time down there, pointing out funny things to each other.

In the night, I decided that it was time to make my Instagram more happy again since some of the last pictures I posted was from some time ago when I was generally feeling unwell, which made me almost abandon it because I didn't want to be reminded of it.
From now on, my goal is to upload at least one picture a day from the day that had passed so that I have something to look back at later (and so that those people, who are interested in our adventures but not following my blog can catch up).

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