Sunday, September 24, 2017

Day 33: Cozy day with Junhaeng 씨


Today, in the early afternoon, I met up in Gangnam with Junhaeng 씨 from Beyond the English Divide.

We drank smoothies together and I got this really great one with strawberries and pineapple!
I'd expected a slow day but nope. From the moment I met up with him, Junhaeng insisted that we spoke in Korean so I could practice.

My biggest problem with Korean right now that my writing and reading is pretty good. But when it comes to speaking, it's like I can never remember the grammar or words that I want to use because I lack practice. So I made a lot of mistakes(!) but whenever Junhaeng taught me new words, he wrote them out so I could remember them better.

I let it slip that I hadn't eaten before meeting up so after finishing our smoothies, we found a place to have 돈까스 (donggaseu = pork cutlet). We found a table right by the window and since it's still super hot here, the windows weren't just open - the entire side of the restaurant was open. As if someone had removed the wall!
I truly enjoy sitting in places like this when eating. I feel much more part of everything when I can hear what's going on outside and feel the gentle breeze.

Afterwards we walked to this really fancy tea place where Junhaeng had coffee and I enjoyed a mint tea.
The interior reminded me of an old European castle; especially the staircase which I, sadly, didn't get pictures of.
It was a really cozy day!

The sun had gone down on my way back to Sinchon.
Walking through the main road on my way back to the dorm, I was surprised to discover that it was filled with ball pits!
Our neighborhood will never cease to amaze me. I love it so much here!

In the night, I wrote down everything I'd learned today from Junhaeng. I filled an entire page in my notebook!

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