Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Day 35: Celine called me a loser

Today after our first class, Celine and I went down to Sinchon and had Burger King for lunch to satisfy our cravings from yesterday.

Afterwards we walked back to the office for international students (that's not the exact name) here on campus to ask for help with setting up an appointment to make our Alien Registration Cards - finally!
I'd tried setting up an appointment myself, which I think I've mentioned here on my blog before, but kept getting error messages. It was nice to be able to get help from them and also took away some of the stress of constantly thinking of and forgetting about it.
It was also completely painless since the young guy we talked to was fluent in English so all was good.

The office is located in 백양관 (Baekyang Hall) where we also have our media/communication class. Every morning we pass this window still garden but I never have time to take pictures in the morning and always forget about it after class. Today I had my chance!

After setting up the appointment, we walked down to the Yonsei Coop shop underground on campus. Some time ago, while going to Isu, I saw a student in the subway with a plastic casing for his notes and thought: "Hey! That's smart! I want one!"
Celine also thought it was super cool and got one as well.
I really like having Yonsei written on my things. It might seem tacky to some people but every time I see the name, it reminds me of how far we've gotten. I'm so proud to be here; to have enrolled in one of the best universities in Korea and having done so much of the process myself.
Celine would like to grab a sandwich to eat after our Korean class but it wasn't open yet so we sat down in the Global Lounge area to relax and wait. Another chance for me to snap a memory of our campus.

I uploaded pictures from 연고전 (Yonkojeon) to my Instagram in the evening and had a few Koreans start following me. One guy, a previous Yonsei rugby player, messaged me, asking to meet up for a beer or something one day but I chickened out because I've been experiencing not being as good at conversation lately as I've wanted to be.

Celine called me a loser for saying no.

..so when the next person, another former Yonsei rugby player named 준영 (Junyoung), asked the same, I took on the challenge.

He told me his English wasn't good, which means I'll have to make do in Korean.
I suppose it's better to try, right?

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