Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Day 36: We ate 송편 (songpyeon)

Today in Media Communication class, our professor showed us a movie called Peppermint Candy (박하사탕 1999). I wouldn't know since I don't usually care much for movies but Celine told me she'd watched some of it in the movie class back in Denmark and that it was one of those films that was still extremely famous many years later.

The professor had brought 송편 (songpyeon = sticky rice cakes usually eaten during 추석(Choseok)), a kind of drinking yogurt, and peppermint candy for all of us to enjoy during the movie.

The 송편 smelled a bit like fish(?) but they were actually really good! I like the texture of this kind of rice cake and the inside was a bit crunchy and salty.
The drinking yogurt was both really sweet and it the same time sour and thin like buttermilk!

When we got out of class, we saw people outside hanging up pictures on cords going from one tree to the next. They were all pictures taken during 연고전 (Yonkojeon)!

This guy's smile makes me so happy! He reminds me of Philip!
They were still in the midst of putting up the pictures so we returned to our dorm, thinking we'd come back later or tomorrow.

There had been a poem writing competition (or something like that) for foreigners this morning and apparently they had had a lot of leftovers of the bread so during the 10-minute break we get during Korean class, our teacher fetched some for us.

Today was also Wednesday, which meant dinner with Isabella at our usual place right after class.

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