Friday, September 29, 2017

Day 38: Sinchon Flower Market

My morning started out a bit disappointing.
When I woke up, I remembered that I should look up the dates for DAY6's concert. I found out that they were playing here for 3 consecutive days - the first day being today - but it was completely sold out ㅠㅠ
There was something bittersweet about knowing how close I'd be to them but at the same time unable to hear them play <//3

The rest of the day was better, though.

After class, Celine and I walked down to Sinchon. A couple of days ago I'd noticed flyers being put up about a flower market starting today and Celine also wanted to go to Hongdae to buy underwear.

On our way there, we walked past a couple of parked cars. Celine pointed out how she'd only now noticed that Korean license plates features a syllable between the numbers.
We proceeded to read the next 4 cars' syllables out loud and got 러 나 조 수 (reo na jo su), which, if said fast, sounds like you saw 'raw nachos' in Danish. We agreed that this must have been the cars' way to tell us that we should eat nachos soon.
The last car, a red mini, had 'please do not tease or annoy the mini' written below its licence plate.
I wish I had gotten a picture of it!

The flower market, ladies and gentlemen!

There were several stands with different flowers and it looked like you could put together your own bouquet by picking out whichever you liked.
I saw a group of 3 guys around our age, 2 of which were talking about and pointing to one of the flower stands. One was eagerly trying to persuade the other to walk over to look at flower and the second one really didn't seem to want to. They third guy was laughing at both of them but they ended up dragging the second guy over to a stand and all ended up studying the flowers in awe.
I like how Korean guys are so in touch with their feminine side. It really is a unique thing compared to America and Europe.
And other stands were purely for aesthetics~
Further down the street, closer to the subway station, were smaller stands selling little plants, decor, and other flower and plant related things.
As Celine walked off to look at one of the stands, a Korean guy named 순리 (Sulli) greeted me and asked if I spoke Korean. He told me he was taking some time off from his studies to practice English and that he'd like foreign friends to practice with. We had a little talk before I pulled Celine over and we exchanged Kakaotalks. Neat guy.
Also perfume!
This is Korea so of course there were several photo points. Celine and I stopped for just one.
Look at this couple! We were watching and going 'aww' at them. As I took this picture, Celine was by my side rushing me to get a snap of them kissing.
Our picture! I don't know why the girl insisted on taking it from that downwards angle.
There was also a lounge area and a guy close to it, holding a flower frame that you and your friends could take pictures with.

We moved on to Hongdae to get Celine her underwear and afterwards had to surrender to our cravings when we passed a crepe stand on our way back to the subway. We thought we were getting half a waffle but nope! We got a whole!
Now that I look at this picture again, I really want one more!

They were still setting up the market when we'd first passed by so once we returned to Sinchon, we spent some time looking at the sections that we hadn't seen earlier today.
It felt magical to walk on all these pink and red flower petals. It reminded me so much of the Romance Festival in my Sims 4 game.
There was flower inspired artwork as well.
We spent more time in Hongdae and at the flower market than planned and had little time before Korean class.
There was a big line of girls waiting outside the concert hall even though it wasn't before 20.00 tonight. That's dedication.
Oh and it turns out that the cat we've seen here has an actual home on campus!

In the evening, while Celine was working out, Junhaeng suggested we go out for a beer to cheer me up since I couldn't go to the concert.
We went somewhere that had fridges filled with beer from which you could just grab whatever you liked and then bring the bottles to the desk and pay once you leave.
I was super excited to find that they had Danish beer!
Koreans snack when drinking and when Junhaeng told me to choose what to eat on the side, I chose nachos to fulfill the wishes of the cars we passed earlier today ㅋㅋㅋ

Today our break started because of the upcoming 추석연휴 (Chuseok holidays)!
We'll be out of school until October 10th ^^

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