Saturday, September 30, 2017

Day 39: Fireworks festival!

Our day was spent chilling in the dorm but I didn't feel bad about it since we went to the Hanhwa Seoul International Fireworks Festival (한화와 함께하는 서울세계불꽃축제) at Yeouido in the evening!

I'd read that a lot of people would be attending the event. This was 100% correct.
Once we hit the transfer station, there were a lot more people than usual and, once the subway came, it was so full that we had to wait for the next.

At Yeouinaru station where we got off, there were many many many many many people! They were all being guided out by subway personnel with what I prefer to think of as short light sabers. You can see the man to the right holding one.

For a moment we escaped the mass since Celine had to adjust her false eyelashes (we'd dressed up all fancy tonight) but once we got up the stairs, we got stuck in one of the largest crowds I've been in. There were so many of us that the air quickly grew humid and I saw peoples' hair turning wet from it. We were almost standing still since few people could pass through the subway gates at the time and as we were making out way out, a group of young Korean boys tried to bring up a conversation in English with us. That was cute.

I have to say that the big crowd was handled well. There were loads of police both inside and outside the station and outside they had made a human wall to lead people in the right direction. And they all kept repeating over and over to the people coming through that we should watch out for the stairs that were seriously hard to see due to the massive amount of people.

There. Were. People. EVERYWHERE. People were moving in all directions and it took us a little while to find a place we could stand still and watch the fireworks. The festival had been going on since 13.00 or so and further down, near the park area, people had put up tents and laid out blankets to sit on. Those people had probably been there all day to secure good spots.
Although we couldn't see THAT much, what we saw was really amazing. Somehow the sounds of the explosions sounded louder than I remember them to during New Year's Eve in Denmark.
Looooud music and enthusiastic multi-coloured strobe lights coming from the scene areas could be spotted in the distance.
Eager to get a better view, we walked down towards the park area and away from the street.
We still had trees blocking and couldn't see the ground-based fireworks but the big ones were much easier to spot now. I saw fireworks I have never seen before. Rainbow, golden and silver glitter, heart shaped fireworks. Everything!
I'd pointed out the giant while 'balloons' in the trees not long before a voice announced something over the speakers and THEY ALL STARTED GLOWING.
So prettyyyyy! After I took these pictures, they started changing colours ever so slightly to red, pink, yellow, green, etc.
We enjoyed the rest of the show and luckily didn't have to spend too long getting back down to the subway.
If I get the chance again at a later point in time, I want to go here again for the entire festival and also participate in some of the day activities.

When we got back to Sinchon, we felt hungry and stopped by Burger King.
Before that, Celine had bought some apples and carrots because we feel like we don't eat enough green here. There we were, looking all fancy, eating Burger King with Celine's carrots and apples.
While Celine went to the bathroom, I discovered a secret door!
And once she came back, we had a little laugh watching the two girls in the building on the other side. One of them was going all out and it was great to watch her dancing around happily.

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