Sunday, October 1, 2017

Day 40: Let's move to LA!

Today was a rainy day, which was a change from the usual weather these days.
I was raining heavily too, yet it wasn't the typical late Korean summer rain where the heavens part and unleash an ocean. It was just rain and enough of it for us to stay inside and chill during the day.
Celine watched her series and I was playing games on my computer.

Oh yeah and I cleaned the drain in the sink and shower (while Celine hid under her blanket)!
We did something!!

In the evening, the rain had calmed down a little and we decided to go to Hongdae for dinner. To be able to say that we hadn't just stayed in Sinchon all day, doing nothing.

Almost right as we got outside, we noticed a guy walking towards us and had quite the experience. I told Jake about it so allow me to be lazy and just post screenshots.

We weren't meeting anyone in Hongdae but from my experience, a little white lie about having a boyfriend is a painless method to get out of conversations you no longer want to be part of.
Also, pro tip: your fictional boyfriend must be Korean or else you might run into people who say: "Well he's not here. I can be your Korean boyfriend then."
I know from experience.

After this, Celine and I discussed asking our friends if they could be our pretend boyfriends, while making our way to the station.
In Hongdae we found a restaurant that looked good but was sadly completely full. A guy working there came out and guided us to where their second place was instead.
It was slightly raining on and off and although we'd brought an umbrella, the height difference between us made it hard to cover both of us. You can tell from Celine's hair.

Since we hadn't done much during the day, we felt like we should walk around a bit more before returning home.
Our "a bit more" turned into a craving for sweets. We were making our way around Hongdae when two Koreans stopped us to ask if we knew where the clothing store Åland was located. This soon turned into small talk and then into them inviting us to a ceremoni for foreigners to experience traditional 추석 (Chuseok). We just didn't feel like it that day.. our cravings were too strong.

While we were searching, we found an Artbox store from where I bought a new pair of super cute earphones since mine were giving out.
Artbox is one of my favorite gimmicky stores. I'd love to have one of their cat lamps. It's too adorable!

My adventurous side told me to go up these stairs that we passed by. Celine was yelling at me not to count out loud when taking the picture because as I did (in Korean), a bunch of guys passed by and looked super confused ㅋㅋㅋ

We decided on churros for dessert! The two Koreans we talked to told us they'd seen a churros place down the street and it so happened to be the Churro101 place that we saw on our 2nd day back in Korea.
Enjoy our derpy faces while we were waiting for our snacks~
I got an oreo churro meaning a churro dipped in chocolate powder and with white cream inside. Celine could not contain herself and tried to film me eating it because she's a gross kid with impure thoughts. Ew, Celine, ew.
Celine, that weakling, had ordered two different kinds, couldn't finish them, and gave them to me because I can always eat churros. She had a bite of mine though and somehow managed to bite into it so that once I took a bite after her, there was too much cream that spilled all the way down my black dress. I'm 80% sure some dudes on the other side of the street saw it and laughed.
We hurried home after that so I could wash my clothes.

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