Sunday, October 8, 2017

Day 47: Myeongdong with Kim

Have you heard the saying that if you drool in your sleep, it means you slept well?
This morning I woke up with a puddle of drool on my arm hahahaha.

Today I had promised to help Kim with a school project!
He had to do a video interview with Japanese people in Korea and what better place is there to look for Japanese tourists than in Myeongdong?
None, I believe.

Myeongdong is the most touristy place I know of in Seoul but it seemed like this was not the most popular time for Japanese tourists to go to Korea. Finding Japanese people proved harder than we'd hoped. A lot harder.

When we finally found some, it was a smaller group of very old Japanese people. Kim was supposed to ask them some questions in Japanese but since he doesn't speak Japanese, a friend of his had translated and written questions down so that he could just show people his phone while I recorded their answers on video.
A Korean guy working in Lush, standing near the group of elders, translated for us so we could tell the group why exactly we wanted to film them. When he finished explaining, a younger Japanese lady came over, told the group to follow her, and excused them because they didn't have the time to help us.
Nooooooo don't go, old people!

Our search continued and finally FINALLY did we find two young Japanese women, who, reluctantly at first, agreed to answer the questions.
They were innocent questions like "Why are you in Korea", "What is your favorite Korean dish," etc. so I'm afraid they didn't want to answer us at first because they thought we'd try to sell them something.

After interviewing the girls, Kim let out an a very relieved sound and we decided to go find dinner together to celebrate today's triumph.

I'm a year older than Kim and he actually calls me 누나 (nuna = elder sister/female to a guy) once in a while. It's adorable when it comes from him.
Afterwards we went to another place to sit down for a beer. It takes a while to get to Myeongdong from Suwon, where Kim lives, so he wanted to hang out as much as possible before going back home.
Kim, like all my other Korean friends, wanted to have something on the side so we ordered nachos. When the nachos came out, they were covered in two different kinds of  cheese that were both sweet and sort of tasted like dressing. It was truly gross.

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