Friday, October 20, 2017

Day 59: Written midterm + cosplay pictures

Today was the day of the written midterm (쓰기 중간고사) and the last of our Korean tests for now!

Once again, us from Denmark were the last students to leave the room. Isabella left shortly before us and although I finished a couple of minutes before Celine, I took my sweet time putting away my pencil case and putting back on my shoes so that Celine wouldn't feel the pressure of being the very last student in the room.

Today hadn't been bad either! I answered every single question (with a few guesses here and there) so I was pretty satisfied when it was over.
After the test, we'd made plans to celebrate our newfound freedom (and comfort eat) by going to a sushi place with Isabella 씨.

Isabella ordered some of the 'slamon' sushi.

Celine had a great mix of a couple of things and I ordered an avocado roll since I wasn't feeling the salmon today.

In the evening, I met up with Hajun and ate comfort ice cream from Baskin-Robbins~

Oh yea and today one of the photographers, Brian Rocatis, who went to this year's J-Popcon shared his pictures with the rest of us! He took a couple of pictures of people I knew and myself included. I have yet to go on photoshoots with my newer cosplays so here's a chance to see what I've made!
These were taken during me and Jasmin's performance on Sunday.
See the blue eyebrows?
That's because Jasmin and I were crazy enough to sign up for BOTH the Sunday cosplay show AND the Craftsmanship competition, which was RIGHT after.
It was a great experience. I was so proud to finally wear my Rem cosplay that I'd worked for for such a long time!
And the people in the audience were so sweet. I couldn't have had a better craftsmanship debut.
My friend, Lasse, also won! He won for best character portrayal if I remember correctly!
It's a proud moment. Please bear with me ^^

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