Saturday, October 21, 2017

Day 60: Taking a break from the midterms!

Hey hey hey~

I apologize for the lack of posts these days.
This and next week are midterm weeks and especially this week was bad since this was the week of the KOREAN midterms. All our tests were in Korean!
It was scary but we survived. But it was scary. I'll talk about them later.

I tried putting studying before everything else these days (at least that's what I'd like to think), which explains the lack of post. I'll work hard to catch up as quickly as possible. Next week is going to be eventful as well so please bear with me.

Today I had lunch with 하준 (Hajun) here in Sinchon.
We ate at 한솥 (Hansot), a place that Celine, Isabella, and I had walked past yesterday when we went for dinner after our exam. When we passed this place yesterday, I'd noticed how one part of the place was 'sticking out' and how you were just eating in the open, facing the road and the people walking by, and stated that I had to eat there one day.
Hajun suggested we eat there today before I even realized it was the place I wanted to go to. These simple coincidences make me happy somehow - as if things are always magically coming together.
We even got to sit in the little 'sticking-out' part so we could people watch!
There were too many choices so Hajun picked the same one for me as he had - a nice sized bowl of rice, marinated (I think?) chicken, seaweed, egg strips, and an eggstra (ha) egg on top.
 It came with soy sauce and mayo - 2 of each for each of us!
 It was amazing. There was so much food. I have to bring Celine here one day!

The rest of today I'm taking off to relax and get some things done. Hopefully I can backtrack my posts a bit!

For dinner I grew lazy and tried buying a chicken burrito from the convenience store connected to our dorm. It was a lot better than expected! And spicy!

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