Sunday, November 5, 2017

Day 75: Sinchon culture market on a cool day

Waaaaaaaaaauw. After the past few days of working on that annoying paper, I really needed to go out and do.. something instead of just sitting inside, feeling like I was wasting my precious time here.

To save me came Wonjun, who suggested we go down to Sinchon to check out the event going on there today.

On our way down there, we bought donuts from Dunkin' Donuts. Last night, Celine had shared a picture of donuts in our group chat and it had successfully provoked a craving for donuts for all of us by the morning - a craving we couldn't withstand.

Almost right outside Dunkin', Celine discovered a flower on the ground, and a pretty one at that!
It must have been a sign of the great day we had ahead of us.

Music was playing in the street when we arrived.
Today's event was a culture market featuring an area, bounded by colourful paper lamps, where you could play traditional Korean games.
As you can tell, the weather is getting colder here now. These days, we have a mixture is slightly warm, slightly cold today. Today was one of the more chilly days where you could feel the fresh air on your face but it wasn't too cold.
 These market days make me so happy. I love being around that many Koreans and there are so many interesting things to look at. Look at these chair pillows that slightly resemble big pieces of bubble wrap!
We tried on some skin care products and had a chit-chat with the people of that booth and also stopped at another booth where we were given these cute postcards for free. That booth was selling the dog and cat themed art of handicapped people to support them. These cards were drawn by some of the people they gathered money for.

 I was a bit hungry so we found a bench and sat down to enjoy our donuts.
As we were sitting here, talking, an older man slowed down significantly and took out his earphones as he passed us. We were severely glanced upon before he slowly made his way further down the street. He did manage to come back and pass us slowly again while we were still eating.
I know that people look at us a lot because we are foreign but wauw was that obvious!
 By the end of the road was a big sign with a list of every single booth there today. Look just how many there were!
 Another aspect I enjoy about these markets is how some of the booths set up everything so aesthetically pleasing.
 This jewelry booth caught my eye and we spent probably a good 5-10 minutes standing here, pointing out all the cute earrings we liked or those that were straight up weird.
  I fell in love with so many pairs but thought I'd spend some time deciding on which ones to get and then come back later. When I leaned in to ask the girl when she'd pack up and go home, she almost jumped back in surprised over my simple question because I asked her in Korean.
 Near the jewelry booth I spotted a poodle with a jacket and fluffy skirt. Oh Koreans.
You could find everything at the market! Flowers, perfume, soap, cutting boards, clothes, hair accessories, blankets, and so on.
 When I stepped closer to look at these, the man tipped one of them, demonstrating how it would tip to the sides before stabilizing itself again.
 LOOK AT THESE HATS. Celine did not share my level of enthusiasm about these but ohmygosh if I had had a kid, I would have dressed them with one of these 'nissehue' looking hats or one of those with cat ears!
 This was a free 5-minute colour therapy session, probably where you chose a colour and then the girls there would tell you about your personality based on your choice. The first time we based by this kind of booth on the other side of the street, a girl seemed to try to get us to do it but all the chairs were taken.
 Aaaaah. The coming of the cold weather means the coming of fuzzy, cute blankets as well.
 Celine found these adorable sugar cubes. The girl in the booth explained that you put them in a cup and held tea or coffee on top of it. As the sugar melted, the edible decoration would float upwards.
The next booth was one where you could make your own candy for 3000₩, approximately 18 DKK/3$.
 As we were looking at the candy booth, a familiar scent reached our noses. It was the scent of some warm drink made from boiling apples and other fruits and adding cinnamon and sugar. We looked at the name 'glühwein' and discussed whether it was the Christmas drink 'gløgg' that we knew from home - a quick google search told me that it totally was! Aaaaah I'm sad that I didn't get a cup of it now.
Celine hadn't intentionally walked into my pictures to block my view lately but today she did and I totally caught her! Usually the pictures turn out pretty derpy but the ones I got of her today were surprisingly charming.
 This giant face tree makes me happy. I think they put it up on November 1st, JUST as they had taken down the Halloween decorations.
 Under these tents were little workshops~
 I don't know the name of this game but it's the same game we played at the Ginseng Festival in Geumsan! I challenged Celine to a fight!
 The rule is that you should throw the sticks you're given and see if you can get them into the three holes of the thingie placed in front of the two boys here on the picture.
 I love these two pictures. And I love my camera for being able to catch the boys mid-throw.
A few people gathered around us as we threw our stick. Neither of us got any points though ㅠㅠ

Celine wanted to buy some things from Lush down in the subway. While she was waiting to get help, we spotted a person in a Moomin costume! I don't know what it is with Koreans and their obsession with these Finnish-Swedish characters.
 Lush already has several of their Christmas products on show.
 The things pictured here are not bar soaps but body lotions in solid form.
When I asked the girl helping us if there was something inside the pink star and the purple moon, she said: "Yes! Let me show you!" and quickly dabbed it onto her arm as a cloud of the glitter contained inside majestically emerged!
 Afterwards we went into a Watsons to look for shavers. Look at the packaging of this one hahahah.

Celine wanted something non-sweet to drink after her donut earlier today and bought a watermelon juice before we sat down near the workshop tents. As we were sitting there, I thought of where I wanted to get a hot drink from as Celine messaged Wonjun, asking him if he'd like to eat with us today.
 While we were waiting for his reply, we watched the two guys, who'd set up some stuff near the busking bus. They were playing music and occasionally talked into the microphone but I got a feeling that they were still warming up. Celine mentioned how it seemed like they were pretty much free styling some break dancing. The one in a blue shirt (standing in front of the bus in the picture below), had a bit of his hair gathered in a little fountain-like shape on top of his head. He caught me spacing out while staring at his hair and responded by waving, smiling, and making a big heart with his arms, which I returned because that was too cute.
 I don't know what they were doing at the workshops at today's market but the people in yellow/green jackets seemed to be students from various universities.
This one was some sort of metal workshop!
 Look how absolutely adorable Celine looked today!!
 Wonjun said he was feeling full and didn't want to join so we moved into Caffè Pascucci to get me a warm drink. It was getting more chilly now and I'd decided that today would be a good hot chocolate day. We found a place to sit upstairs and when I went down to get my order, the guy who'd taken my order asked if I spoke German (I told him we were from Denmark when I ordered), and told me he'd been to Berlin either for something art related or just that he'd been to a museum there. The music was too loud for me to be able to make out exactly what he said.
 I noticed this guy with the blue pants. I think he was totally meeting up with a date!
A foreign girl came in, looking around, and went back down at some point and I didn't think much of her. He was obviously waiting for someone and seemed to be texting someone. The girl came back up, they greeted each other, she sat down, and they talked about pretty much everything. It was so cute to overhear.
Not long before we left the café, the guy who had taken my order came upstairs to put away some things before clocking out of work. We were sitting right beside the stairs and as he made his way down, he said: "Tschüs!" (bye in German) and waved as he passed us.
I tschüs'd right back at him but Celine decided to be stubborn and say "hej hej" (bye in Danish).

After I'd taken my sweet time drinking hot chocolate, we walked towards a Chinese restaurant that Wonjun had suggested we go to since the food Celine craved today could be found there. It would be a waste of time and energy to walk back to the dorm only to return to Sinchon soon for food, which resulted in early'ish dinner.
 After eating, we made a stop by the booth selling earrings and I got myself a pair of star earrings. I hope I'll like them when worn as much as I do from just looking at them ☆

We returned to our dorm. Celine crawled into her bed and I went out not long after to meet up with Hajun~

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