Monday, November 6, 2017

Day 76: Ate rice burgers with Hajun

I only got to enjoy one day of breathing without having to worry about school work (yesterday) before being thrown right back into group presentations. This weekend passed by way too fast.
I'm not ready.

I had hoped I'd be able to catch up more blog posts soon but it seem that will have to wait just a tad more as we've got group presentations coming up for both our Korean Wave class and Media/Communication class.


Because I'm busy with school work, it also means I probably won't go out of my way to experience new cool things before the stress has cooled down a little.
I did get to do one interesting thing today, though!

This morning early noon I ate rice burgers with Hajun before he had class!
 Hajun had lost a bet of mine so the treat was on him today ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
He had one with bulgogi (roast beef that's been marinated) and I the 치즈치킨마요 one (cheese chicken mayo).
 Our burgers were handed to us as these little packages.
  I thought we were going to bite into them like normal burgers but Hajun pressed down on his and handed me a spoon. Oh. Here's the burger pre- (left) and post- (right) Hajun attack.
 I was slightly disappointed but not surprised to see that the cheese used was what we think of as cheap American cheese. It tasted fine anyways, though. The chicken was really good!
I learn many interesting aspects of Korean life from Hajun. Stay tuned for more adventures~
I know he's going to read my blog so thank you for the food today, Hajun!

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