Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Day 77: Will Celine go home?

Today we had lunch with Wonjun!

Oh yea and we didn't go to class because we overslept. 
We slept extremely late last night and once I'd closed my eyes, the thought that I should probably set my alarm just in case hit me. But I was too tired/lazy to open my eyes and decided against it.
Celine's phone, which usually wakes up us, turned itself off in the night and when I woke up and checked the time, there was about 30 minutes left of class.

So anyways we ate lunch with Wonjun!
We'd planned to meet up at 12.00 but since we overslept, we were a little late. As we were walking, Wonjun told us he'd be waiting inside because it was too cold outside.

I mean it's getting colder but it's not THAT cold yet. Today we had a high of 19°C!
Even so, a large part of the Koreans at our school have begun wearing their down jackets, which we also call duvet jackets because of the resemblance.
Wonjun and I ate the same! I can't remember the name of it but it was pretty good so I'm definitely coming back!
While we were eating, Wonjun asked Celine about the whole dropping out thing and she announced that she was thinking of going home by the end of this month. It was the first time I'd heard this from her so both Wonjun and I were a little shocked.

Because of all this with Celine dropping out, my mood hasn't been the greatest lately.
It's obvious to me that she's not motivated so if she really doesn't want to be here, of course she should go home. But on top of the group presentations (and the sucky paper I had to write), I'm now dealing with thoughts on how to help her best and also on what to do once she leaves. I'll be living alone and I'll have to 'find new people' to hang out with because Celine and I do almost everything together.
It's going to be weird. There are a lot of thoughts running through my mind that I don't feel like expressing through words right now.

After eating, Wonjun had to return to campus for class. Celine and I were heading towards the dorm but decided to stop by Global Lounge to check out the Russia Day event we had been told about during orientation when we first came here.

There were several places, sort of like posts, where you could go and do certain Russia related activities. One place was where you should stack Matryoshka dolls as fast as you could, another place had you do poses from the Russian ballet The Nutcracker, a third had you match Russian phrases with English/Korean.

Oh and let's not forget the upbeat music playing in the background and the videos of Korean-looking people dancing traditional Russian dances!
As we were looking at the phrases post, two Korean guys seemed to want to play. The guy at the post had seen us stand there first and asked if we were going to play together and then one of the Korean guys turned to us and said something to Celine. When we looked confused he said it once again and it hit us that he was speaking Russian to us! Then Celine told him in English that we weren't Russian and we all had a laugh. Poor guy hahah but bonus points for trying in Russian!

There were 7 posts and if you cleared all the challenges, you'd get stickers that could get you rewards.
We didn't participate except for the ballet pose challenge just because it was fun. Look how absolutely graceful we were!

While Celine stayed at the dorm, I went to Korean class alone. We knew that a 3-minute practice speech was coming up but it wasn't before today that we were given a topic, leaving us with only two days to write it in. I don't have enough mental capacity for this right now.
After class, Isabella and I went down to Sinchon to find her some underwear because everything she has has holes in it by now. When I asked her about what kinds she liked, she told me:
"Anything without holes that I can stick my arm through."

Tomorrow we would be doing a group presentation as our midterm (can they please be over soon?!?!) and because of the paper, I hadn't had time to look at it before tonight. When I returned from underwear shopping with Isabella, Celine suggested we go to a café. We went to Holly's where we sat down to eat cake and do some work. That is, since Celine is not going to continue on Korean studies, she's got no motivations to do the group projects either. So while I was working, she gamed a little.
I really like the atmosphere of Korean cafés in the evenings. It's a popular place for students to gather and people are all quiet and respectful.
We ended up staying there for around 4 hours. The entire time we were there, I was sweating. But all the Koreans were warmly dressed and there was even a guy with a full-on jacket!
I am amazed at how easily Koreans seem to freeze and not be phased by heat at all. How?!

On our way home it started raining a tiny bit. We are talking 5-7 drops within 10 seconds. But it was enough for me to stop mid-sentence of whatever I was saying. I wonder what Denmark is like these days because it surely is a lot more wet than here.

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