Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Day 78: I already miss Korea

I didn't take many pictures today (sorry) but I'm planning on going on a small picture trip around campus when I get a bit more time. Today I noticed how all the greenery has turned into beautiful red, orange, yellow, and brown colours and it's a sight I want to share with my family and friends at home and also to be able to look back on myself in the future.

For now, enjoy this picture that was taken in a hurry in the little park leading to our dorm.
I'm still in Korea yet I already miss my time spent here. Maybe it's because Celine is talking about leaving that I, too, have started thinking of how things will be when I go back home next year.
Aaaaah I wish I could stay!

Oh and also, we did the presentation in media class today and it went fine! Woooh!
Celine didn't come to class since she was supposed to be in our group. I understand her not showing up because if she had done so, the teacher would have probably questioned her as to why she'd quit our group so suddenly. At this point, none of our teachers know that she's dropping out yet since we don't know whether that will result in her being kicked out of class or worse.

After class, Isabella and I went down to the global lounge to look for Yonsei jackets and shirts.
I'd hoped they'd restock with smaller sizes but it seemed like there were only a few and way too big jackets left ㅠㅠ

We ate lunch with Celine at the school cafeteria and then went back to the dorm.
With one presentation out of the way, I can start thinking of the next midterm presentation for our Korean Wave class... ugh..

Celine didn't come to Korean class today either so I teamed up with Isabella. After class, we went by the toilets where I discovered this female hygiene products dispenser. I never paid attention to it before but it's pretty nifty!
After our quick stop in the bathrooms, we continued down to the food court area connected to our dorm.

Isabella wanted a bagel and contemplated getting this onion, PLANE, blueberry one. Oh Korea ♡
 I stopped by the GS25 (convenience store) and bought two of what Celine and I have deemed to be one of our favorite kimbaps of all time!
It's a great, slightly salty kimbap with beef inside that strongly reminds me of pulled pork.

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