Thursday, November 9, 2017

Day 79: Campus during fall

I'm in a great mood because my day today was super productive!
Thursdays are the days with the most time between classes - 6 hours - and today my motivation to spend the day in the best way possible was sky high!

After morning class, I went back to the dorm and threw both Celine's and my clothes in the washer.
While waiting for that, I finished writing the 3-minute speech that we had to turn in later today in Korean class. Hajun helped me correct and give feedback on any weird sentences.
About an hour later, it was time to put our clothes in the dryer and while waiting for that to finish, I did my make-up and prepared to go out to take pictures.
I felt a great sense of freedom after finishing my speech and figured that I should take advantage of the nice weather today since tomorrow is supposedly going to be cloudy.

Celine woke up around the time I was about done so she joined me going out, which made me happy.
She wanted to buy some presents for her sister and I wanted to check out the nearby clothing stores for when it gets colder since I didn't really bring any winter clothes.
We bought some melon breads on the way to munch on.
 Surprisingly, there were a lot of people near Ewha at this time of the time. But then again, it'd be foolish to think we were the only ones with free time between our classes.
We were successful on our mission and now made our way back to campus. I asked Celine if she'd like to accompany me on my picture-taking adventures, which she accepted.
Some sweet graffiti~
Celine won't like all of the pictures I'm going to post of her today but I'll make it my mission to take as many funny pictures of her as possible before she goes home!
Look at the heart-shaped leaves!

And here begins my picture series from today. I wanted to capture the autumn colours and also our every day surroundings. This is Yonsei's Severance Hospital. Our dorm is further up the road to the right.
These were taken when we walked through the park close to our dorm. My plan was to walk to the front gate and then take pictures on my way back to class.
We often see students sitting at the benches in this park and there are ALWAYS old men there. One day we almost got hit by falling acorns and since then, it's been a joke between us that the old men are protecting us from falling objects. And that they are so quick that we barely see them move. As of yet, we haven't gotten hit so I'd say they're doing a pretty good job.
There are speakers here that play some sort of information broadcast in the mornings and early noon. There's always a pleasant tune playing in the back and sometimes it's purely music being played. It's lovely.
We also sometimes see tiny old ladies (할머니 = halmeoni) in this park. They're dressed front top to toe in several layers, sometimes wear gloves and ALWAYS sun hats. Wonjun told us that they are poor people, who pick up things like mushrooms and roots that they use for cooking,
Celine REALLY wanted me to take a picture of this 아저씨 (ajeossi = man/mister) "washing the grass," as she called it.
This was taken a couple of meters from the main gate! We were now facing campus and were about to walk back when we ran into 원준 (Wonjun)!
He'd been helping his dad move and hadn't sleep too much. Now he was on his way back to class.
This is one of the buildings for our school's engineers. Universities here have things they're known for being good at. Korea University have a good law school and Yonsei is famous for it's engineers and doctors!
I love our campus. It's always so lively! We often see people sitting here on the benches who, very obviously, are not students but have just come to enjoy the area.
If you turn your back to campus, this is what you'll see. The road that goes under the bridge is Yonsei-ro and what I always refer to as the main road whenever I talk about hanging out in Sinchon. If you follow this road, you'll get to where we hang out and where I always take pictures of street performers and what not.
Looking to the left we have Yonsei Severance Hospital. They recently put up Christmas decorations around the clock. I'll get a closer picture of it another day.
And now we're on our way back to campus!
A man stared me down as I was yelling to Celine to pose for this picture.
We made a quick stop by the underground store near global lounge (I can never remember the actual name of the store) to buy me new books for class.
Look at this drink holder we found down there!
The sign says: Just a moment! Please store drinks in me!
Okay back up! It seemed like there were a bunch of high schoolers here today. That's a usual sight.
Oh and the place they are standing in front of is not far from the cafeteria. The 우리은행 is a bank. That's how big our school is.
This is one of the libraries. I think this is where Wonjun spends most of his time.
This is 백양관 (Baekyang Hall). We have our Korean Media and Communication class in here in the basement.
A quick look back. The sky was weird today. Near Sinchon it was almost foggy but around school and our dorm, the sky was a beautiful bright blue.
What you see here is where we usually turn to the right to go up the hill leading to our dorm. The building to the right is for the business students and the building ahead of us is Underwood Hall. I don't know what kind of students hang around there.
A picture taken from the stairs, looking back at campus.
The smokers always hang out around here by the shadow. Earlier when the weather was warmer, I saw people playing both soccer and something like badminton but without a net.
We walked up the side of Underwood hall. There are more buildings behind it; campus us super long!
I wanted to take a selfie with Celine but the sun was so bright that I only got this one and I couldn't even see my screen. So it ended up like this: I'm straining to keep my eyes open and Celine is busy putting her phone away. I like it, though. It's very.. us.
There's a pretty garden up here near the last building!
We saw some Koreans sit on the benches placed on a slight slope facing the garden and decided to sit down as well.
This is 대우관 (Daewoo Hall)!
It's the building where we have our Korean Wave class!
My camera did not do the vivid red colour of this tree justice.
Looking back once more~
It was nearing time for class so we headed back towards the dorm.
Look at the tiny car!!
The sign says to be careful of forest fires/forest fire watch.
The bus you see here is a shuttle bus! It will take you around campus. We've never ridden it so I don't know if it's free or not but I really want to try one day!
We walked the same way as the shuttle bus and soon got to the intersection.
See the man in the yellow jacket? These men will guide the traffic in the morning and let us know when it's safe to cross. One of them seems to LOVE his job because he's always so enthusiastic when guiding us and speaks only in English by using few, simple words like: "Gooo!" *waves enthusiastically*
This is New Millennium Hall. I don't know what kind of students go here either but when we continue down the road to the right of the bulding, we get to our dorm and also the building where we take our Korean classes.
I returned to the room, grabbed my stuff quickly, and headed to class.
Since Celine wasn't going, I asked her to figure out where we should eat tonight. She asked Wonjun to join but he wasn't free before late in the evening and so we had to eat alone.

She decided on Japanese tonight so she could have her long-wanted Japanese curry. Wonjun had said good for a place somewhere in Sinchon but it turned out that there was another of that chain's restaurants very close to our dorm.
 It was a hard decision for Celine to decide what to order. So many choices!
I ate 소스가츠동. It tasted fine. The meat was really good but it was a smaller portion compared to the one I ate when we had lunch with Wonjun two days ago.
 I quick snap of the place !
There was actually a car coming that decided to stop and wait for us to finish faking the picture. Wauw.

In the evening, Hajun came to our campus to play basketball with a Yonsei friend and that friend's friends. We hung out after the game and made a stop at Burger King.
It's not good that I stay up this late. I'm getting way too snack hungry at night hahah.

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