Sunday, November 12, 2017

Day 82: Hajun's basketball game

Today I went on solo adventures to 마포구민체육센터 (Mapo-gu Min Sports Center) as I was going to watch Hajun's team play basket!

I woke up early today but the match wasn't before 14.00 so I took my sweet time blogging and doing whatever until I realized the time and jumped out the door. Getting there was no problem - it was finding the right hall that was.

Hajun had provided me with pictures of where to go but it still took me a couple of minutes to realize that I'd sat down in the wrong end of the hall. The players and other people watching them looked pretty confused as well hahaha.

But I found them!
Hajun is #14! He's standing around the middle of my pictures and looking into the camera in all three of them.
 A couple of his teammates looked pretty surprised to see me as well. Whenever they can small breaks, Hajun came over. And when they were playing, one of his teammates, #41, chatted with me.
He found it pretty funny when I told him that Hajun's English was pretty good.
"He never told us that," he said with a laugh.

He told me how I should have come earlier because Hajun made 3 consecutive points early in the game. I did watch him make two more, though! Don't complain, Hajun!

 After the match, the guys showered and while waiting for them, I went up to the roof to enjoy the view as the breeze was pretty refreshing today.
When I came down again, they still hadn't finished showering so #41 chatted me up again. He was nice :)

Hajun had warned me that his seniors might want to eat with me after the game but luckily only two of his friends joined us - his teammate and junior, 정태 (Jeongtae), and close friend, 표수 (Pyosu), who goes to Hongik University.

After eating, we went to a PC방 (a place where you can play computer) in Hongdae and played a good couple of rounds of Battleground. Now, I have never really played FPS games and BATTLEGROUNDS IS SUPER HARD. Holy cow. That was pretty interesting.

I tried taking pictures of the setup but the screen was so big that I couldn't catch everything.
They tried guiding me on how to play and although we didn't win a single round, it seemed like they still had fun.

Before game start, you have about a minute where you can fool around and do whatever. After a couple of rounds, we decided to gang up on Pyosu and either shoot at him or continuously hit his character whenever we were waiting for a new game to begin.

So in this game, you could drive both motorcycles and cars. Pyosu mostly handled the cars and once in a while when my character accidentally got into the driving seat, all the guys went "oh" and then quiet as if they'd accept me driving but at the same time hope that I didn't.
So whenever Pyosu drove, he liked driving wild and was all over the place. Whenever we'd go over a hill or drift, Hajun and Jeongtae would go "wuuuuuh~" and "AAAAAH!!"
Pyosu, on the other hand, would honk the horn all the time like a true road-raging Korean.

In the very last round, we'd survived pretty long before a sniper got us. We didn't die right away but gathered in a small group near a tree. While we were healing each other, Pyosu decided now was the time to take revenge and continuously his us with a frying pan (this game is so weird hahahh). We'd finish healing one member and go on to the next and then Pyosu would attack again. We were having a great laugh before a grenade wiped out our entire team. It was great. 

When we'd entered the PC방, one of Hajun's friends had called, saying that his dad had died. So after the last game, we split up. Jeongtae was riding the same subway as me so we got to chat just a tiny bit before I had to get off. He asked me if I was going to come to their game again next Sunday. My presentations are over by then so I told him I'd definitely come!

When I came back to Sinchon, I was surprised to see a big ground of people gathered on the street. It was cold and I was more interested in fetching a chicken burger from Burger King than standing around until enough of the crowd would move away for me to see. I DID see and sign with Gugudan and hear a girl say someone was pretty so they might have been there to film something.
I went to grab my food and as I was walking back, I noticed a pale face coming towards me. It was Celine 씨 on her way to get a Subway sandwich!
I joined her and then we walked back to the dorm together.
She happily (and noisily) ate her sandwich while watching her favorite Youtubers.

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