Monday, November 13, 2017

Day 83: ARC and a thunderstorm

Today Celine and I went back to the Seoul Immigration Office (서울출입국관리사무소) to pick up our Alien Registration Cards (ARCs).

Once again, everything went so so smooth.
We went to the 2nd floor where we had been told to go but all the signs were in Chinese (possibly Korean as well) so we were a bit confused about where to go and asked a young guy at one of the counters near the entrance.
His English was great, he knew what we wanted and what we had to do, and told us which counter to go to. I swear, only a second later, the buzzer went off and it was our turn. We handed the guy there our papers saying that we were coming to pick up our cards and he found them right away. The whole ordeal took but a couple of minutes.

Here's my card! A little late but at last I have it!

Before going home, we made at stop at the supermarket that we went to last time as well and once again enjoyed their variety of interesting food and snacks. I couldn't help but take pictures of some of the food we found once again.

The first 'strange' thing we found was an already peeled and boiled, vacuum-packed con cob.
The chocolate and the chocolate and banana version of this 'pie' is really good. I have my doubt about the cheese and chocolate mix, though.
 Chip balls with butter and coconut taste!
 These bag just say 옛날과자 (yetnal gwaja = snacks from the old days).
I was positively surprised to see this cart with discounted food items. This was the first time I'd seen something like this in Korea. I feel like Korea wastes a lot more than needed (like when they wrap each singular cookie in plastic and sell them in a carton box) so it was nice to see this.
We also made a stop at a small accessory store where I'd seen some earrings I liked last time we were in the area. I lost one of my smaller earrings recently and hadn't found any new ones that I liked better than these.

On our way to the subway station, we passed a Sulbing café where Celine pointed out how some of their desserts were plain pieces of bread with topping or stuffing. 

We still had a couple of hours before I had to go to Korean class so I sat down with Celine in the school cafeteria so she could eat the pasta and bread dish, which consisted of a hollow bun with bearnaise sauce pasta inside, that she'd been thinking of for 3 consecutive days now. 
 She was contently eating away in the beginning and told me she wouldn't mind ordering it again another day.
 Closely examining her food.
 Near the end of eating, I asked her once again and this time she said that she was happy she tried it but that she wouldn't order it again but rather try something new next time. Then she gave me the rest. I'd say it was good but I can imagine it'd be a little much to eat as much of it as she did. The sauce was pretty weird. It was obvious that they'd added cheese powder. It's a distinguishable taste. Oh and it was spicy because this is Korea and Koreans, as a whole, like their food spicy.

In the evening, Hajun and I were supposed to hang out.
I had a midterm group presentation tomorrow in my Korean Wave class, though, that I had to finish so I invited Hajun over to do a study hall with me while Celine was in our room talking to her boyfriend. We are allowed to have a guest over for a period of 2 hours until 22.00 so from around 19.20, Hajun and I studied together. It was fun to be able to show him what my living conditions are like and I believe it must have been pretty exciting for him as well to see how a foreigner lives in his country.

2 hours later, all I had left to do was the powerpoint but if I woke up early the next day, I'd have time to do it.
We packed our stuff and went outside. We'd only taken a few steps outside when I pointed out how it must have rained recently since the tiles were wet. Soon after, it began raining and it just got worse and worse.
As we neared Severance, I heard the first rumble and Hajun finally gave in. He'd wanted to give me his shirt since it had a hat but I'd told him that I was fine because I was from Denmark and we were used to just get wet (You will see Koreans open their umbrellas after the first rain drop here).
The rumble got closer and we saw a few lightnings. I got really excited because this weather reminded me of home and how I love to sit inside listening to the weather on stormy days.

Once we got down to Sinchon, it had become pretty severe and we ended up joining two Korean girls taking cover outside a beauty store.
That was a lot of water suddenly. I'm impressed. I haven't seen this much rain since the first time I was in Korea probably.
Right around here I caught some of the thunder in a video. I've watched it several times already.
 We took cover near the subway entrance where a big group of Koreans had gathered already. I was so happy that we could just go down here and hide from the rain, while eating the bread we grabbed on our way, for just a bit before exiting somewhere else. While sitting there, I got a confirmation e-mail that Celine had successfully changed her flight tickets (I got the confirmation since we'd originally booked with my e-mail, I guess) and that she'll be leaving on the 23ʳᵈ this month. 

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