Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Day 85: Earthquake in Pohang

Another lazy day for us.

While Celine was taking her sweet time packing and covering the floor with her stuff, I was in my bed, blogging.

Between 14.00 and 15.00, I get a message from Hajun, who's freaking out about an earthquake. I'm slightly confused.
Then suddenly Celine's phone stars vibrating and up pops an emergency message (in Korean) about an earthquake as well. So I went on Naver and it was true, a 5.4-magnitude earthquake had just hit 포항 (Pohang) in the southeastern part of the country.

According to The Korea Herald, the earthquake was the second largest on record in South Korea, only surpassed by a 5.8-magniture quake last year, so it was a pretty big deal.
Apparently today quakes (yes, plural) could be felt all the way up here in Seoul. None of us felt it though.
But while Celine's phone had warned her, my phone had kept quiet, which made a just a tiny bit worried. What if something were to happen after Celine had gone home and I wasn't going to get an emergency notification?

Oh well.
I went to Korean class and about 17.00, another shake at 4.6-magnitude struck near Pohang again, setting off the emergency alarms on EVERYONE's but my phone.
I didn't think about the aftershocks so when all of their phones went off at the same time, my first thought was 'Oh no, North Korea just attacked,' but no; it was 'just' another earthquake.

Luckily no deaths occurred and from my understanding, so far people have only experienced minor injuries.
You can read more about today's shakes here:
The Korea Herald
Korea Joongang Daily
The Chosun Ilbo

In the evening, we followed Celine's craving and walked down to buy Subway sandwiches.

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