Thursday, November 16, 2017

Day 86: 3-minute speech and delay of Suneung

Today we had no Korean Wave class since my teacher is on a trip to Uzbekistan.
Oh and during Korean class, we did our 3-minute speech presentations!

We've done this twice before; as practice and for our midterms. Basically we got a subject and had to stand in front of class and speak Korean for 3 minutes, using as many new words and grammar points that we'd learned here as possible.
Our topic this time was:
"감동을 준   Noun  " (Something that has emotionally touched/impressed us).

For our midterm, the teacher collected our papers so that we had to either remember everything we'd written or be really good at improvising Korean for those 3 minutes.

Well this time, since it was only practice once again, we were allowed to bring our papers with us and just read out loud like during our very first presentation.
I missed that piece of info and had spent the previous 3-4 days practicing so I knew my speech by heart...

The time of presentations came and I was the last one. Everything went fine but I was extremely nervous as always and spent the rest of the day sitting in my bed and playing Sims 4.
Nervousness can do strange things to one's body and mind.

Today was also the original date of the 수능 (suneung = Korean SAT) that Wonjun had told us about the day we went for the Seoul Lantern Festival.

Due to the earthquake yesterday, the Minister of Education announced last night that the test would be rescheduled to Thursday next week due to fear of aftershock.
It's the first time that the test has been delayed since its introduction back in 1994 so it seems like a pretty big deal.

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