Friday, November 17, 2017

Day 87: Cat café and Block Burger

Hey there! I'm still terribly busy with midterms so I'll continue posting whatever I have time to write and then catch up on older posts when I get some free time again.

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Today started out as usual.
I went to my media class and on my way back to the dorm, I passed a smaller group of boys. That itself is nothing speciel but as I walked by, one of the boys made eye contact (or tried because I wasn't wearing my lenses and can't see a thing) and greeted me.
It happens once in a while that people greet us without ulterior motives so I greeted him back and continued my walk. As I did, I heard another of the boys mention something about English(?).

They looked like they could use help and since I wasn't in a hurry anyways, I decided to sit down a bit further away so they could come up and ask - and they did!
It turns out that it was a group oh high school students doing a survey on foreigners in Korea, asking about our majors, why we chose it etc.
They were super adorable, I tell you! They seemed so awkward coming up to me and when their pen didn't work, slight chaos ensued before I pulled out my own pencil case. When they left, they thanked me I-don't-know-how-many times, shook my hand with both hands, and bowed.

I returned to my dorm to get ready since I'd been too lazy to do anything than drag myself to class in the morning. On my way to our room, I held the elevator doors open for a guy with a plastic bag full of nectarines. In return, he asked me if I wanted one of them. When I said yes, he gave me one at first and then put an extra one in my hand.
"Are you in an early Christmas mood?"
"Yea!" he said with a smile and got off.

Not long after returning, I met up to study with Hajun. He had to work on his group project and I figured I could just bring my Korean books with me. Most of the grammar we learn here is something we've already met anyways.
For some reason he really wanted to point out that his laptop was a Samsung.
We'd gone to a café after all so no studying without yummy foods and drinks. I'm a big fan of whatever I can find at Gong cha that contains milk foam. Oh and we brought bread that we'd bought from my favorite local bakery, 이화당 (Ewhadang), not far from my dorm.
A lot of cafés don't seem to care that you bring something additional into their café as long as you buy something there as well.
Somehow we started talking about Danish companies in Korea and Hajun got SUPER interested in Vestas!
So interested that he was too distracted from studying more and decided to finish what he was doing and then go somewhere else.
Thus, after our little study break, we went to a cat café since I'd been pretty sad about missing my cats the night before.

Hajun told me he'd never been to a cat café before and that he didn't think cats liked him.
Well, not long after sitting down, he successfully lured a cat over and petted it while it relaxed in a box. Then another cat, a black one, came over and took over the box and he ended up successfully petting it to sleep.
It even got up a couple of times to change position.
This was one of the more cozy cat cafés I've been to! If anyone is interested in going it's in Sinchon, right beside Burger King.
The stairs led to a sort of loft where there were tables and sitting spots just like down on the first floor where we were sitting.
I was filming around the café when Hajun poked me to make me aware of the funny cat beside me. I let out a very excited noise when I saw it and sadly didn't get a better picture of it than this. I felt really bad for it for having its fur cut like that but it also looked super funny.

We stayed in the café until evening when Hajun had to go somewhere with his basket team.
So when he left, I went to Hongdae to meet up with Celine to try the food at a recently opened food place named Block Burger. The place was pretty much a burger-inn based on Lego. Going there was a must-try experience.

They only offered three kinds of burgers and we both chose the 엘로우치즈 (yellow cheese).
It was a tiny place and they only took one order and made one burger at the time.
We sat down at a sort of uncomfortable table. It was like a tall block without holes for our legs so we had to lean forward on the bar chairs we were sitting on in order to eat.
Celine also ordered 칠리치즈후라이 (cheese chilly fries) beside her burger. She said that the meat was not like normal chilly con carne.
I tried my best but no matter what, I couldn't make the burger look good. The bun felt like a thick, stiff pancake without taste and it fell apart the moment I unwrapped it. The patty was not a patty but more like a meatball. I like meatballs but it was weird in a burger.
In general, everything about the burger was weird. We agreed that it wasn't something we'd eat again. I can't recommend trying it either just for the sake of it. The concept is fun but that's about it.
We made a quick stop by the Churros 101 for dessert and then hurried home.
Tonight the temperature is going to drop below 0°C.

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