Sunday, November 19, 2017

Day 89: We ate pig feet

Today was a laid back day.

As I wrote in my post from last Sunday, Hajun's basketball team was going to play again today at yet another tournament. I'd told he and his friend Jeongtae that I would come watch again today so of course I would go!

Hajun has asked me to only come if they won their first game, though, so I spent the first part of the day in our room with Celine while waiting for news from Hajun.
As soon as he told me they'd won, I got ready and left for 마포구민체육센터 (Mapo-gu Min Sports Center) where they'd played last week as well.

After the games, there was a tiny ceremony where they gave out prizes to the winning teams and, without being too sure, I believe their team won 2nd place.
All of the teams came together for a big group picture and afterwards, the individual teams snapped their own pictures.
For some reason, Hajun and a girlfriend of one of the other players wanted me to be in their group picture. Even when I turned them down and said that it'd be weird if I was in the picture, they insisted. So here we are; Hajun's basketball team and a foreigner, who has no business in their picture.
The guy 3rd from the right is Jeongtae, Hajun's junior, and the guy to the rightmost is... Suyeon I think. He was the first from the team to speak to me when I came and watched them last week.
Okay so when Celine and I have had Koreans take pictures of us (or seen them take full body pictures of others), they've done it from below and I've finally figured why. Look how much taller everyone looks in this last picture!
Koreans and their picture-taking skills, pshhhhh.

Afterwards, most of us but one or two of Hajun's teammates went out to eat dinner together at a place not far from the center. The girlfriend of the other player joined as well.
Before leaving, they had been deciding on what to eat and tried taking me into consideration since Hajun had told them that I'm not great with spicy foot. I asked them not to worry about me but we ended up eating something completely non-spicy: 족발 (jokbal = pig feet).
Yes, pig feet.

It was .. a strange experience. Hajun, too, had never eaten it so none of us knew how to eat it at first, which caused a couple of laughs, especially from Suyeon.
It's probably not something I'd eat again. I was not a fan of the thick, soft skin.

At some point, the girl grabbed a piece of meat and when she liften it off the plate, it was like half a leg! I was super surprised and she just went: "Mmmmm." ( ・□・)
The pig feet is the meat in the middle of the picture. I liked the thinner slices of meat to the left a lot more.

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