Monday, November 20, 2017

Day 90: First day of snow!

We had our first day with snow today!!

Celine and I had both spent a lazy day in bed. Well, I had spent a lazy day in bed and Celine had been hiding under her bed covers, complaining about the cold weather.
The extreme difference between how our bodies adapt to the weather could be felt today. While Celine was wearing long socks, shirts, and hiding, I was in my underwear, feeling way too hot.

About an hour or so before Korean class, I look out and notice that it's snowing. Even Celine got up now and walked towards our door to check it out.
It gradually started snowing more and more and as we were watching it, we began hearing people outside.
Celine actually walked all the way outside! I followed suit and we tried to catch some of the big snowflakes coming down.

This girl excitedly exclaiming that it was snowing and started recording with her phone before recognizing one of her friends outside in front of I-House and then screaming to her as well.

It was pretty entertaining watching the Americans' (most likely Californians) reactions. It looked like some of them had never seen snow and we could hear how they were all excitedly recording and sending snapchats to their friends.
A person, who was much less excited about the snow, was Isabella. She had to walk about half an hour from her apartment to school. She'd planned to go but as it neared the time she had to leave her apartment, she decided to stay home and snack. I, too, took the day off the spirit of this first day of snow.

In the evening I'd made dinner plans with Jake. His grandpa is recovering from having been hospitalized due to cancer and Jake's dad had asked him to stay around Isu so that he could quickly return if his grandpa needed him. Thus, I headed to Isu to meet him. It had long stopped snowing and the the sky was smeared with these beautiful purple and pink colours.
We ate 닭갈비 (dakgalbi =stir-fried spicy chicken) somewhere not far from the station and caught up on what each other had been up to lately. Jake had finally been giving the reason for why his visa has been dragged out this long so hopefully it'll be fixed soon.
We both had some things to do today so we just ate before I returned to Sinchon again.

On my way back home, I stopped by a convenience store near our dorm to find something to snack on and I came across these pretzels with garlic butter, cheddar cheese, and honey mustard taste.
One day I'd like to buy some of all these weird snacks that I find and have a try at all of them.

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