Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Day 91: Luscious lashes for men

Today was a pretty uneventful day.

I went to my classes and in between the morning and afternoon class, we cleaned while listening to horrible music.
I took care of the bathroom and Celine packed slowly but steadily.

I'm coming back to write this post a couple of days after it happened and due to the lack of videos and pictures, I can't exactly remember what we did today so this post will mostly just be me commenting on the few pictures I did take.

Celine wanted to buy an extra body lotion to bring home from the beauty store at Hongdae station and while she was looking around, I went to the eyelashes section. It wasn't my first time seeing male models on eye lash packages but I don't think I've taken pictures of it before so here you are!
Who says men can't have luscious lashes as well?! 

On our way home, we saw a huge commercial for Youtube Red down in the subway. I don't know if Youtube Red has come to Denmark yet and I was never interested in it to begin with. Spotify is not supported in Korea and only worked about 2 weeks before it refused to let me listen to my music so Youtube is my only music source these days. The same goes for Celine. We constantly get pop-ups about 'trying out Youtube Red for free for a month!' and it's gotten to the point where we've both become pretty annoyed with it. Plis go away.

In Sinchon we also stopped to take picture of this cute robot on the pavement near the wooden bleachers not far from redtube. I've noticed it some time ago but I don't think it's been here since we first arrived in Korea.
Not far from the dorm, we spotted this big... whatever it was.
It looked like an EXTREMELY old and unsafe camper but it seems it was just a really strange-looking trailer.

When we came home, we went to get some snacks and then back to our room to continue preparing for Celine's departure.
We found these weird tuna and mayonnaise chips but stuck to our usual snacks that is cookies.
Once again we fired up the music but this time we went back to the early 2000's and listened to a bunch of great old songs. When our laundry was done, we sorted it and I discovered that two of my shirts had been ripped by the dryer. I fixed the shirt but to this day, I have no idea what happened to the strap on my black top. Not only that but my towel and another of my shirts was stained once again with something black that had to be rubbed off. I felt victimized.

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