Thursday, November 23, 2017

Day 93: Celine returned to Denmark

Today has been a long day and as I'm writing this, it's not even over yet but I doubt I'll be doing much more than lying in this lazy position in which I'm also writing this post.

We came home late last night and still had a few things to do in the morning before getting Celine to the airport so we woke up around 7.00, which is at least two hours earlier than we wake up on our earliest days here.

The morning started out fine.
Celine showered, put everything back in her suitcase, and vacuumed. I took down the trash and together we removed the bedding before Celine carried it down to the lobby and asked for the check-out check by the staff.
I was brushing my teeth when she and the staff guy came in. He looked at her shelves, got down on all fours to check under the bed, opened the safe and handed her a plastic bag she'd forgotten, did a sort of "this is acceptable"-sound, and walked back out.
It definitely wasn't as throughout as they'd made it sound like on the papers we'd gotten when we first moved in.

We followed him down to the lobby again because now that the check was over, Celine was technically a guest and not allowed to stay in our room. I'd forgotten my jacket and had to go back up. When I reached our door, I found that her name tag had been removed already </3
We had about an hour to chill in before Wonjun was meeting us and we'd go to Hongdae together to send Celine off. I took pictures of her and we joked about the staff guy
To quote Celine:
"I like how in the beginning he was all over the place and, like, WUUUH ~charm~!☆
And now every time someone meets him he just looks incredibly sour"

Sour (or 'syrlig') is a word we've been using lately to describe the most displeased facial expressions and it cracks me up even writing it now.
 I asked Celine to look sad for the pictures and all she did was a pathetic attempt to signal fake tears rolling down her cheeks.
 Wonjun came and together we went to Sinchon station and took the subway to Hongdae!
Wonjun bought a surprisingly good Hershey's chocolate milk at Sinchon that he gave to Celine as a goodbye present.
 At Hongdae we followed Celine almost all the way into the train and sent her off after a couple of hugs.
Mission Send-Celine-To-The-Airport: Successful!!

....or so we thought.
As we were about to walk back up, I noticed that Celine's computer was still hanging on my shoulder.


None of us could go to te airport to give her her computer back because it would take an hour to get there and I had class from 11-12 (it was now 10.00) while Wonjun was scheduled to observe a surgery around 12 since he's transitioning into becoming a medical student.
Instead, Wonjun suggested we send it to her by mail. I wasn't much for this idea since our current postal service sucks. I've had several friends whose packages have been damaged or destroyed. A computer is NOT something you want to risk sending if you can avoid it.

She barely had wifi so I thought it'd be impossible for her to contact us if she even reacted in time to be able to come back to us and make it to the airport before her flight.

We stayed at Hongdae station until the next two trains but Celine was nowhere to be seen. We ultimately decided to reach out to her and ask her what to do with it. Not that we had many other choices but to send it.

Going back towards campus, Wonjun bought me a croquette since I hadn't eaten yet. Thank you, Wonjun!
And then we split. I had to go to class and he was going to take a nap at his friend's place since he barely slept last night.
Once back on campus, the messages started coming in and I got one from Isabella saying:
"I didn't see you in class today."
...and then it hit me that class today was from 9-10.00!

NooOOooOOoooo I mixed up the days!
After having been post-phoned twice, it was finally the day of my group's presentation! And now I'd missed it?! I was super confused and hurried back to the dorm. It was weird coming back to an empty room without a sleeping Celine.

I climbed into bed with some food and spent about an hour worrying about Celine's computer while also reaching out to my group. My group is going to present Tuesday next week... at least I didn't miss it.
Then Celine finally replied!
We still had about 2 hours before her flight so I could still make it there!
I grabbed her computer and hurried to the airport. When I reached the station before the airport, Celine told me that she'd already gone back up. I asked if she'd passed security, meaning I couldn't reach her and she couldn't come back, and she replied with a distressed "yes?!?!?!?"

...oh. Hearing this, I jumped into the next train going back towards Seoul. Then I got a new message for Celine that didn't make sense until I realized that her connection was so bad that she was a message behind every time I sent a new one. The 'yes' was a reply to an earlier question I'd asked. There was still time!
Two stations from the airport, I got off and told Celine when I could be back. The next train would be back at the airport 20 minutes later but that was exactly too late as it was just around the time she had to board.
UGUHUGHUGUUHUH it was frustrating!!!
My mission had failed and I spent about 15 minutes waiting outside at a random station before the next train back to Seoul arrived ㅠㅠ

When I finally returned, I had about an hour before Korean class that I really didn't feel like going to after having just wasted 3 hours trying to give Celine back her computer.
But alas, I ended up going. Ever since taking the train to the airport, I'd felt tired and non-prepared for Korean class later and it had only gotten worse as time passed. We were supposed to have our reading teacher today but instead had our speaking teacher, which threw me off even more. We have to be a lot more active during class when we have our speaking teacher and I was just not there mentally today. It was horrible. When it was my turn, I failed to understand even the simplest questions. Hnnng.

After class, Isabella and I ate at our usual place before splitting up and I could finally return to my bed. It was 19.00 or so but I was already exhausted and felt like I was about to fall asleep at any moment.
I was supposed to hang out with Hajun tonight but when he asked if we could meet up with his friend, Pyosu, and another friend, who is currently in the military, I did not feel like doing anything.
He had a basketball game starting so we figured I should try to sleep and see if I felt like going out when I woke up and he was done playing.

I couldn't sleep at all but somehow felt more refreshed anyways after lying down for a good while.
Hajun's friends ended up cancelled so he and I agreed to just meet up the two of us down in Sinchon as originally planned.

When I stepped outside, I noticed that it was snowing quite heavily. It was beautiful.
With the way this couple were standing, I felt like I had walked right into a k-drama.
The Koreans moved a lot faster now that it was snowing and most of them either carried umbrellas or wore thick jackets with hats with fur on. I, on the other hand, had let my hair loose. It's such a refreshing feeling to get snow in your face.
Here it's suuuper easy to see just how much it snowed! It was coming down quickly!
Sinchon looked completely different with this gray sky and thin snow cover.
I was all smiles from the moment I went outside! I LOVE snow! It was just what I needed after such a long, tiring day.
It was so much fun observing the Koreans on my way to meet Hajun. A lot of them were seeking cover while the ones walking freely were walking fast than normal and slightly bent over to avoid snow in their faces. Girls protected their hair under umbrellas. 
My favorite people were the two girls walking in front of me. I don't know if they were drunk or just extremely happy but they were squealing and when we passed a store playing Christmas music, the girls screamed along as they crossed the road.

When I met Hajun, he ran over to me with an umbrella in hand, which, when I think about it, was pretty weird. We don't see people in Denmark holding umbrellas when it snows. I don't think I've ever seen it!
Hajun insisted on covering me from the snow and I in turn rebelled and ran away from him to get hit by as much snow as possible. It must have looked pretty funny.
Oh well, Hajun hadn't eaten so we went into McDonald's for a pit-stop.
When we came back out, it was still snowing and our surroundings were decorated in a fine layer of it.
 Someone had made tiny little snowmen!
We had a lot of fun collecting snow and making tiny snowballs to throw at each other.

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