Friday, November 24, 2017

Day 94: Kim Uk's concert

Today was my first day completely alone without Celine and the first time in my life that I've lived completely on my own.
The moment it really hit me was when I came back from class to a completely empty room and a clean left side of the room. It was weird.
I have my thoughts on living by myself but I'll wait a couple of days before I share them.

In the evening, Hajun had invited me to his best friend 김욱's (Kim Uk) 'concert' in Hapjeong, two stations away from Sinchon.

I also wanted to go look for new underwear today since some of what I've brought has started falling apart. First it was Isabella and now me. I don't know what it is with Korea and our underwear falling apart.

On my way down to Sinchon, I discovered that they had put up this beautiful, blinking Christmas decoration outside the Severance Funerall Hall.

Once again, Hajun and I ended up misunderstanding each other.
I thought he'd meet me in Sinchon and look for underwear with me while Hajun thought I'd look for it myself and then meet him later. This resulted in me waiting in Sinchon for him for about an hour or so out in the cold before we finally cleared the misunderstanding.
I see myself as a pretty patient person but today I'd been too cold and too hungry for too long for my mood to not turn a bit sour on the way to Hapjeong where we decided to meet.

When we met, I was still a bit sour so Hajun bought me bread to cheer me up. He, too, hadn't eaten since early during the day.
While walking around, deciding what to pick, we came across this monstrosity that the Koreans claim to be a Danish with sweet potato. It's a joke between Celine and I that I get very involved in the conversation when discussing what and what not to put inside bread.
Please don't ruin good bread like this, Korea.
The café where Kim Uk would be playing was really close by so it didn't take long to get there. Once we entered, Hajun bought refreshments for us to enjoy. I had an oreo shake and he, of course, had something strawberry flavored.
It was a super cozy small café with a good amount of Koreans inside (and one foreigner in the back!), all wearing their jackets still. When we came, there was another guy playing so I got to greet 'Uki' (what Hajun calls Kim Uk) before he and his friend went up to play.

We'd been sitting in the back of the room but moved to the very front when they got ready to perform so Hajun could record it. The guy, who had made our drinks, was also the one to help them set up. They did a few sound tests and soon the concert began.
Not long after I'd first met Hajun, he'd sent me some of Uki's original songs so I already knew 2-3 of them, which made the experience even better.
There's exactly a month 'til Christmas now but a big (fake) Christmas tree with multi coloured ornaments adorned the café. Uki also showed off his English skills by performing a Christmas song.
Hajun and I stayed behind a little after the performance so I could take pictures of the place. I wished I'd found this place during the summer so I could sit outside, enjoying the sun under the parasol.
Kim Uk's friends saw me taking pictures and asked if we'd like a picture before we left. I love the picture taking culture here. People are so nice to help you out.

After the concert, I asked Hajun if he'd look for clothes with me since I should probably also get my hands on some warmer clothes soon.
It was really chilly and windy outside, though, so we stopped by a convenience store to grab something warm.
Hajun grabbed us both something from this heated fridge-looking thing of which the equivalent I have never seen before in Europe.
I told me to try this drink with the very descriptive name 'warm body,' that ended up having quite a strong taste of ginger. The aftertaste was super spicy somehow. Oh well, at least it kept my cold hands warm!

In Hongdae we went into this clothing store called Playground. I like going in here because they always have such weird clothes with broken English on it.
These couple shirts are easily the ugliest I have seen and I broke out laughing when I first saw them.
It makes no sense and look at the kids' faces!
They were so ugly that I'm still contemplating whether I should get one or not.
Here are two other bad-but-not-AS-bad-as-the-couple-shirts shirts.
And this great mannequin.
Playground was already filled with Christmas decorations as well and a lot of it is stuff that I could recognize from home - and not things I'd necessarily seen in America - so I felt a sense of belonging.
At home, we hang these felt socks on our doors and then sometimes at night, Santa comes and put something (mostly candy in my family) in it.

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