Sunday, November 26, 2017

Day 96: Bingsu with Hajun and Jeongtae

Today I had a lazy day in bed catching up on blog posts. It was really nice with a day off and I felt a lot less pressured after having caught up a little.

In the afternoon, I decided to do some 'chores' but had an accident with my scissors and sliced up my left index finger. Then I spent the next 2 or so hours in my bed before my finger hurt little enough for me to go out.

Hajun's school's basketball team had a game today and after it, in the evening, I met up with he and his junior, 정태 (Jeongtae), for chicken and beer.
Korea and China's basketball teams were playing against each other tonight so we went to a place where they showed the game on a projector. There were quite a few people and I saw groups of people outside as well, watching through the window.
It was a fun experience hearing all the Koreans go off  in unison with their "ooohs" and "waaaaahs!"
Korea was doing fine but after the first half, China ended up scoring a lot of points and ended up winning.

After the chicken, we were still a bit hungry. Hajun and Jeongtae suggested we eat snails. Yes, snails. But I politely told them that I'd only like to taste it if they ended up ordering it.
Instead, we went to a café and ordered 빙수 (bingsu = shaved ice). Jeongtae said he'd treat us since he'd gotten word that he'd received a scholarship.

I'm not sure what flavor it was but it included 떡 (ddeok = rice cake) and a kind of nut, likely almonds.
They both put their spoons in right as we were served it but then Hajun stopped and said that I hadn't taken pictures yet. I told them that it was okay, that I could take pictures even after they had eaten their first spoonfuls but they refused and froze in place until I took my picture.
Then I wanted to take a picture of them but Jeongtae hid his face.
They talked about their other friend, 표수 (Pyosu), being in Sinchon with his girlfriend and asked him to come since they really wanted to see her. Pyosu agreed.
While we were waiting for him, Hajun and Jeongtae were being total creeps spying for Pyosu and the girlfriend from the window, just like my girl friends back in Denmark would have done it.
When he finally showed up, he came alone, much to the disappointment of Hajun and Jeongtae.
When they asked why, he simply reasoned that she was annoying.

Ever since I called Hajun 'bad' for smoking when we went to the pc bang with Pyosu and Jeongtae, Pyosu and Hajun have been trying to find reasons to call each other bad as well.
Hajun tried to turn on Pyosu this time and convince me that he was bad but Pyosu argued that it wouldn't work since I thought well of him for buying me ice cream last time we saw him.

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