Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Day 106: Pizza party in class

I had a bit more energy today!
I also woke up pretty early so I had enough time to snap this picture while walking to class. I loved it here in the summer but it's also beautiful now that it's winter. I hope we'll get a lot of snow soon!

Last week, our teacher had announced that we'd have a pizza party during class today and apparently nearly everyone had forgotten it (or just not listened) and got super surprised when the delivery guy came in with several soda bottles and pizza boxes.
I was not at all hungry and fought my way through the one slice of pizza I grabbed so I wouldn't have to eat my medicine on an emtpy stomach. Not being able to enjoy free, warm pizza is the worst ㅠㅠ

After class, I made a quick stop by the postal office on campus and then back to my room to have a look at the exam questions for our first final, which is tomorrow. I grabbed a warm honey 유자 (citron) tea on the way.
If you go to Korea and get the chance to drink these, give them a try! I love them!
They're incredibly sweet!

After Korean class, Isabella and I walked down to Sinchon for sushi.
It had started snowing a LOT during class and just as suddenly as it had begun, it stopped again.
When we got out, something had started falling from the sky again but instead of snow or rain, it was a mix of big, wet snowflakes. Once again, the Koreans were ready with their big coats and umbrellas.
It was great eating a bigger, healthy meal again but I got a terrible heartburn later that night from it.
I'm tired of being sick.

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