Thursday, December 7, 2017

Day 107: First exam is over

Our exam period has officially begun!

It's scary how quickly time passed.
I feel like I've worked hard to enjoy every day here and make each of them memorable (except the days I've been sick) yet we're already in December.

Today's final on the Korean Wave was actually early as my Korean exams will not be before next week but I have no complaints. I would rather get this one out of the way so I can focus more on the upcoming ones.
The five questions we were supposed to answer today were already introduced to us last week so it really was just a matter of remembering what we've talked about in class or our own experiences with K-pop. I wish all finals could be this pleasant.

In the afternoon when it was time for class, my throat had started hurting again and I couldn't speak without pain and decided to stay home.
Hajun stopped by in the evening and brought us both subway sandwiches. He'd taken a while to get here but I figured it was just the bus being slow. When he came, however, he told me that he'd gone to the pharmacy to look for tea for my throat (but they didn't have any). So instead he'd gone to get me a big package with chocolate powder that I could mix with water to make hot chocolate.
He's too thoughtful.

I hope I'll have more energy soon to go out and do things again. It sucks being stuck inside like this.

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