Monday, December 11, 2017

Day 111: Last Korean class!

Today I went on 'early' adventures in Sinchon and ate rice burgers with Hajun.
On our way, we walked past this super typical Korean home - construction workers were working on a fancy modern-looking building right beside it. It was a great example of how old meets new here in Seoul.
And Hajun pointed out yet another fake Christmas tree for my collection! This one is made with beer cans ㅋㅋㅋ

While we were out walking, we discussed how cold the weather had suddenly become. I believe today was the coldest day we've had so far. It wasn't under -5°C but we had a real feel temperature of -13°C(!) due to the strong gust of wind and dry air. Horrible.

We split up some time in the afternoon so Hajun could go to his late class. I, too, had my last class of Korean in the afternoon today!
Since it was our last class and we'd already gone through all the vocabulary and grammer that we had to, I thought that today's class would be relaxing. Boy was I wrong. We spent 2 hours hardcore going through some assignments that we were supposed to have done over the weekend in preparation for the exams this week. I hadn't done them due to having worked on the Media Communication paper, though.

Since I didn't have many interesting pictures to share with you today, let me instead suggest a song that I heard playing outside a store on my way back home - Rainbow's Mach!
It's a pretty old song (2010) so I'm surprised I haven't heard it before. Give it a listen!

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