Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Day 112: Two finals in one day!

We already took our Korean Wave final last week, which meant we had nothing else all day leading up to our two first Korean finals today!

I'd been busy writing on my Media Communication final and only started (and finished) writing my 3-minute speech for today late last night. So I spent today practicing it and learning it by heart.
Forget about preparing for the reading-out-loud exam we had today as well. I didn't have time for that.

We started out with the 3-minute speech final and it actually went fine. I wasn't as nervous as last time and didn't make many mistakes so I'm overall satisfied.

After the speeches, our teacher gave us a 5-10 minutes break to prepare for the reading test in.
While quickly looking at which texts we could end up being tested on, Isabella showed me the text that she hoped she wouldn't get. It was a story about a boy, who wet his bed at night. I found it mildly interesting how they'd decided to make the pee stain on the bedding the same shape as Korea (with an awkwardly placed Jeju island).
Our teacher made us pick straws with numbers saying which text we had to read aloud. I picked the hardest one (like last time) but I think even that went better than last time as well. Isabella got the bed wetting text but she did fine too.

After class, Isabella and I decided to eat dinner together.
I hadn't brought my jacket to class and had to go get it before we left, however, so we met up inside the main entrance of the language building. Here I found yet another tree for my 'fake-trees-in-Korea' collection. This one had little sheep attached to it. Oh Korea. 

We ate some quick dinner at Subway and afterwards stopped by the bakery I took a picture of two days ago to buy Isabella some cake. It's always good to reward yourself after an exam ^ㅅ^
 Here's an angry Isabella face. After the exam, she sent an equally mad selfie to all of her Snapchat friends to convey her feelings about having to take finals. 

Tonight's air was fresh and after having been shut in all day preparing for the final, I decided to slower my pace a little while walking home. Once I did, I was hit by the fact that I will be going home soon. It made me miss Seoul already.

Interestingly, during my speech I talked about making a lot of memories here before we all go home and that we should all take pictures that we can look back at in the future.
Next time it snows, I'll grab my jacket and go out to take pictures no matter the time of the day. I do hope that it'll be at night, though, so I can catch the lit up Christmas tree on campus that Hajun sent me a picture of the other night.

Tomorrow is our 말하기 (malhagi = speaking) final where we will have individual 8-minute long "interviews" with our new teacher. Our teacher is super sweet so I'm not as nervous about it as I was during our midterm finals. And once tomorrow's exam is over, my worries will be too.
I didn't feel like the reading and grammar finals were too hard last time so I don't fear those at all.

Our final is pretty late tomorrow as well (my time is 16.32-16.40) so I'll take the rest of today off and prepare for the interview tomorrow.

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