Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Day 113: Misaki is brutal

I'm still catching up. Here are the latest posts in case you haven't read them!

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I can't say that I've done too many interesting things today.

Today's final was the interview with our new teacher. I won't say that I was as nervous about it as last time but I always feel a bit uneasy before oral finals.

I felt uneasy today as well before the exam but for a completely different reason. About 1.5 hour before my turn, I wanted to grab some melon bread from the bakery. I put on pants, my jacket, and was ready to go except I couldn't find my card. I searched my entire room but it was nowhere to be found and there wasn't enough time to go back to where I'd last used my card before the final so that would be my first stop afterwards.

When I arrived, Sandra, Misaki, and Kael were waiting in the classroom across from our testing room.
Sandra had been the first and had messaged our group chat that the teacher was super nice and that it'd be easy. Cue Andrew asking if it would be easy even if he hadn't studied and this Misaki brutally telling him to go die for slacking.

Now Misaki might be one of the sweetest girls I have ever met. She has the prettiest smile, the cutest style, and if there's anyone who could pull absolutely anything off and still look good it would be her. Seeing her joke like that was hilarious ( ´ ᗨ `͈)

The atmosphere completely changes on exam days. People talk about it in the elevator in our dorm and suddenly a lot more people are using the study rooms. 5th floor of the KLI building where we have class was full of life as well with people waiting for their turns.
When Kael came out, she gave me a thumbs up and assured me that I'd do fine. Kael seems just as nervous as me about speaking so it's always great to have her backup. She's awesome!
And my final went fine!
Our teacher had told us that even if we didn't use too much of the new grammar or the vocabulary we'd learned in class, we'd be fine as long as we could have a casual conversation with her. And that was pretty much what I did for 8 minutes until she told me we were finished and that I could leave!

When I came out, Isabella and Yu-Hsuan (어훤) were waiting outside and soon Raquel came as well. I spent a few minutes talking to them before going back to my room to dress in a bit warmer clothes before embarking on adventures to find my lost card.
Luckily it was exactly where I figured it would be - the supermarket where I had bought bananas last night.

Since I was already outside, I might as well buy a moisturizer.
My skin has been killing me lately and today was exceptionally bad. Hajun's guess is that it's due to the very sudden and very brutal change in the weather since it gets 100 times worse when I go outside.
Today we had less than -10°C (actual degrees) and a humidity around 20%.
In comparison, Denmark had 5°C (real feel -2°C) and a humidity above 80%. No wonder my skin is freaking out.

I woke up around 05.00 this morning to scratch my ankles that had been exposed to the icy cold wind yesterday. It's these red spots that I'm dealing with almost all over my body now. I really hope this moisturizer will work.

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