Thursday, December 14, 2017

Day 114: Reading final did not go well

You read that right.
My reading final was pretty bad and I honestly hope I've done well on the other exams (and will do well tomorrow) so the scores from those can even out the bad grade that I will probably get on today's test.

After yesterday's final, I took the rest of the day off to relax and clear my mind. The plan was to wake up early today and study before the exam (at 16.00) since I'd be able to remember the texts much better if I'd recently looked at them.
But things didn't turn out how I'd planned and I'm not exaggerating when I say that I didn't prepare for today's test because I spent the entire day leading up the the final, in my bed crying and hating on absolutely everything because I couldn't take being inside my own body.

The red spots on my body had gotten much worse.
My ankles almost didn't exist from being so swollen, the skin on my elbows was thick, sore, and red, every single place on my body was filled with red spots now.

My legs were the worst and the spots on them were starting to swell up, making the surface super uneven.

My ears had swelled up and were bright red, and my face was so swollen that there was not a single wrinkle on my lips, my nose seemed to have grown in size, my eyes appeared to have shrunken, and my entire face was red and shiny except for two big white circles around my eyes. I looked like a red inverted panda. Absolutely everything on me was itchy and wouldn't stop whether I scratched or not. I could sit in but one position because every time I moved, something new would touch my skin and make everything itch again.

Today was also the last time we'd probably see our reading teacher so we'd agreed in the group chat to stay after the exam and ask for a group picture with her.
I slapped on two layers of make-up and hoped to turn out presentable on the picture.

I came to the classroom early to find Isabella already there. We had some time to chat before the final began and I complained about my skin and showed her. She told me that that was exactly what her skin had looked like when she first came to Korea and got sick and THEN got an allergic reaction to the penicillin she was given here.
Could it be an allergic reaction? She convinced me that I should probably go to the hospital after the final to get it checked.

So yes. We took the exam, which, of course, went horrible due to me not having studied + every time I looked away from the paper and to my spotted hands, I'd get distracted by the though of having to go to the hospital afterwards.
It happened and then it was over and we got our picture.
I believe this is the first time I've posted a full picture of our entire class so let me introduce our friends!

Left to right: Tiffany (American), Andrew (American), Yu-Hsuan (Taiwanese), Kael (French American), our 선생님 (teacher), Misaki (Japanese), Isabella (Danish), Sandra (Danish), Hana (American), Raquel (American), and me.

I love this picture but dislike how uncomfortably awkward I look on it. I wanted to smile but if I'd done that, my bloated cheeks would have squeezed my eyes out of existence.

After the exam, I went straight to the hospital.
When I arrived, it was probably 18.30 but there were barely any people and when I went to the information desk, I was told that they'd closed for today and would open again tomorrow at 09.00.
What is this? Koreans seem to never sleep and EVERYTHING is open until late.... except their hospital, which closes super early. I don't understaaaand.
Defeated, I returned to my dorm.

That evening, I made plans with Hajun for him to go with me tomorrow. It's always nice to have a local with you just in case.
Although everything was still itchy but I hadn't taken the last of my pills and potentially knew the cause of this mess so I was able to relax and actually sleep the entire night when I finally drifted off.

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