Sunday, December 17, 2017

Day 117: Finished my last final!

Another day of sleeping in. I'm totally enjoying 
being done with my Korean finals but the truth is that I still have one left. Yes, the paper I have to write for my Media Communication class.
I already mentioned earlier somewhere that I finished writing what was required of me to pass the class - but I still hadn't finished it completely and the over-achiever within me kept trying to shame myself into finishing it.

All the while feeling better and better, my stomach was aching a lot today. My guess is that it's due to me having been on penicillin for 10 days and now continuing eat different pills to live down the allergic reaction. Although I spent a good couple of hours in bed, doing nothing, it didn't stop and I thought perhaps it'd go away if I went out to get some fresh air. I'd brought my computer with my just in case I decided to sit down in a café to work on it but after having spent hours at home looking at the assignment, I still hadn't figured out exactly it was that my teacher wanted me to write about. She's Korean and although her English is pretty good overall, the task description was just so vague that neither I nor Isabella knew what to do about it.

It was really cold out today, like -5 to -10 °C, and I was getting ready to return to my room after having spent an uneventful day. Since it was so cold, though, I wanted to get a cup of hot chocolate before going home.
The café I went into was one of the 24/7 open ones and it was filled with students preparing for their upcoming exams. Something about this environment told me to give the exam paper one last try since I was here anyways. I had about 2 hours until deadline.
Suddenly I got this sort of epiphany where I felt like I finally understood the question. Que 2 hours of pulling information back and forth between documents and suddenly it was finished. I'd finished it and sent it to my teacher 1 (ONE!!!) minute before deadline!
My stomach was hurting through all this so it took me some 20 more minutes from having sent my final until I actually pulled myself together to walk back home.

A lot of foreigners complain about the lack of trashcans in public and even in stores. Where does the trash go? Well, in the night, Koreans put their trash into the streets like this and then the tiny but most effective trash cars I have ever seen come and pick it up. (As of writing this post, I saw a car last night collect the trash and it took them less than a minute to clear an entire street. I was amazed!)
When I reached Severance, I figured that I might as well try to take a shortcut through it.
It was an interesting experience to see the otherwise so busy hospital this quiet.
When I got back outside and was walking through the yard between Severance and the dentist school, it started snowing. I forgot my stomach pain for a moment to take it all in.
Take a look at these cute lamps! They remind me of little fairy houses.

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