Sunday, November 18, 2018

Korea7 | Day 14

Today was an active day spent with local friends.

I only got 5 hours of sleep before having to wake up again but today was my last full day in Korea and I had no time to waste! I could sleep on the plane tomorrow!

I first met with Jaebong (재봉), Jasmin's boyfriend, because he forgot to bring Jasmin's presents when we ate together.

And then I had to rush out to meet and have lunch with my friend Woozi. It seems like I haven't talked about him before but Woozi (우지/여전희) is my musician friend, whom I met through other people when I was in Korea between June 5th - July 5th this year. He's super cool.

On my way to meet him, I met Delphine in the subway! Today was her last day at the guesthouse before heading to Japan. I'm sad we didn't get to spend more time together but I hope our paths will cross again some day. She's a person I really look up to in some ways. Also, don't mind my hair having a party on its own.

I met with Woozi and we had hotdogs for lunch.
More precisely we had bob's chili dog with garlic fries.
I took a picture and he posed like this saying it's "his concept."
Hotdogs in Korea are never like I expect hotdogs to be.
Then we walked around the are a little in search for a café.
Another "concept photo" of Woozi.
This should also be a concept photo, honestly. I don't know if it's:
a) because he looks so big compared to the table
b) his facial expression
c) the way he holds the cup
d) how he looks out of place or
e) because of what happened after I took this picture 
- but looking at it makes me laugh.

Right after taking the picture, he spilled his coffee and kind of jump backwards to avoid it. Then he did it a second time :))
My hot chocolate was served with a fancy golden spoon.
While sitting there, I asked about his music. I was a huge fan of his first single Windy City and was interested in hearing what he was working on now. The topic of getting him more exposure came up and he told me he was considering asking the staff if he could place a bunch of stickers on the counter to spread the word. I told him to go for it.
He also gave me some!
Here's a fun fact about the music video:
Jasmin, our friend Mat, two others, and I were supposed to be in his music video. We filmed in Incheon Airport late in the night some time in June this year. But when the original plans for the video fell through, he had his friend get on the subway and ride it through the city while filming through the window. The lyrics are hand-written by Woozi himself on his tablet.
After our café visit, we walked towards the subway station where we split. On the way I spotted this bistro with all these bottles used for decoration!

I went back to the guesthouse and got ready to go out with Sojeong (소정), the girl working at the guesthouse. I'd told her that I wanted to go to Cheonggyecheon (청계천) for the Seoul Lantern Festival (빛초롱 축제), that I went to with Wonjun and Celine when we lived in Korea, and she was both interested and free to join.

We briefly stopped to watch some streetdancers and then we were on our way!
Last year's festival was themed after the Olympics. This year seemed to be 'just' Korean culture, old and modern.
Just like last year, you could make little lanterns with wishes.
We wrote our wishes in Korean and Danish and decorated it to be as colourful as possible.
And then it was time to send it off!
The candle inside our lantern is being lit.
We'd gotten to the end of the street when Sojeong pointed out the big Pagoda building. I remarked how it looked a bit evil and she told me that it kind of was. Pagoda is a kind of after school academy (학원) for high schoolers and they are VERY expensive. The notion here was probably either that they were evil because of the price or because sending your kids to after-school-classes after their actual classes have ended, is evil.
Evil aside, we were getting hungry and found food somewhere.
After eating, we took the bus back home. I was MESMERIZED at the touchscreen bus stop.
Inside the bus, Sojeong asked me if I knew what this ad was about. "Nope," I said. It was an ad for another after school academy and this place promised you that you would get into one of the SKY universities. SKY universities are Seoul University, Korea University, and Yonsei University - the top universities in Korea. The people behind this ad are actually so sure about their programmes that if you take their classes and do NOT get into a SKY uni, they will actually give you a refund. Seeing how important good schooling is to South Koreans, I cannot imagine just how much money these classes must cost Korean families.

Back in Hongdae (홍대) I brought Sojeong to CaffeYAM, the princessy café I found the other day.

We sat down near the window in their leaned-back lazy chairs

and shared a piece of their unicorn cake~
This is the cutest café to go to with friends! Look at all the cute pictures you can take using the headbands provided~☆
~Incoming selca spam~

Also, here's a picture of a cute Flynn Rider figure I found in the street in the morning. I put him in my bag and he accompanied me all day.
Before leaving, I went to the restroom and found out that even that was super cute!
No, really! Look at the stickers!
It was so prettily decorated and it smelled amazing out there.
Look at the little smiley! >ω<
This is the cutest bathroom selfie I've taken so far.

Our night ended with a trip to a noraebang (노래방) = a karaoke room.
I was so excited to find out that Sojeong and I shared much of the same music taste. AND she can rap. There are so many songs I want to sing in noraebangs but don't since I don't have a rapper with me.

And now, some music of the day!
Both songs are by my friend Woozi. Check them out ^ㅅ^

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