Saturday, November 10, 2018

Korea7 | Day 6

I don't have too many interesting stories from today so it'll mostly just be pictures and my comments. You're up for a light read~

Today I spent the first part of the day studying and actually eating breakfast, wooh!!

Earlier during the day, I went around Hongdae to pick up some small things that my friends had asked for and to stock up on some make-up. The serum I wanted to buy had been discontinued, though ㅠㅠ

On my way back to the guesthouse with today's loot, I was stopped by a Chinese girl, @circlewooooooo, who asked if she could take my picture since she was taking pictures of Korean street fashion for an internet magazine (if I remember correctly).
She later sent me these on Instagram.
She was so sweet and I felt super cool being stopped like that (っ˘̩◡˘̩)っ
Earlier, while on my way out, I was also stopped and asked to be in someone's Youtube video.

In the afternoon, I hung out with Seongjung (성중아), a new friend I'd made a month or two before my trip. We had to change plans since he'd broken his legs and was pretty much unable to do much but to sit. So we met up at a place called Mecenatpolis (메세나폴리스), and watched Bohemian Rhapsody.
It was divided into several floors. I found the architecture pretty cool because of the many rounded edges.
And these umbrellas made it super pretty!

I'm writing part of this post in March 2019 and now that I look back, at that moment, I had no idea that the movie would go on to become this popular. Korean newspapers are talking about how the 'Bohemian Rhapsody fever' has swept across both Korea and Japan and suddenly SO many Korean streamers and Youtubers covered the songs from the movie. It was crazy. And so interesting how an entire country can be affected like that.

After the movie, we walked around the place a little so I could take pictures of all the lights.
I'd promised to bring a present from Denmark and I kept my word! I gave him a pack of licorice candy but he was not too impressed. He did make a funny face, though, and we agreed that he should try to give some to his friends. He told me a few days later how he'd done it and laughed at his friends, just like I'd laughed at him tonight.
In the court, they had countless of Christmas flowers and this pretty bow, lit up with Christmas lights.
We ate dinner in one of the restaurants in the courtyard.
We sat at a normal table because of his leg but right beside us, the floor was elevated and people were sitting on the floor like in the more old-styled restaurants here in Korea.
It was still a bit too early to go home. Luckily there were also cafés in the mall!
I got to pick a piece of chocolate cake with the sweetest chocolate teddy bear on top. As always in Korea, the chocolate flavor wasn't very strong ㅠㅠ Why is it like that?
Somehow the conversation switched to how Seongjun was supposedly good at drawing, to which I responded: "prove it." He decided to draw me on the protective napkin we got. The text bubble says "나는 아직 배가 고프다," meaning "I'm still hungry." 
To Seongjun, I'm this omnivore monster, apparently.
This it turned into a competition and drawing animals and having the other guess it. It was quite an artistic moment.
One more pretty picture before heading home~
On the way home, we passed by a club named Lucy. Couldn't let the picture opportunity slide.
Seongjun is actually a pretty tall person. Look how much taller than me he was today even though I was wearing heels. Seongjun you giant human being.
On the way, we passed this drinking place. I've seen it before but it's just so aesthetically pleasing that I had to take another picture.
At some point Seongjun stopped and asked me if I knew the singer, Cheetah, on that building. We'd just stumbled upon C9 Entertainment! And that mysterious big black car was definitely an entertainment car!
The last highlight of the day was close to my guesthouse when we met an ADORABLE cat near the flower shop.
It's become my thing to talk to every cat I meet in Korea now. As I sat down, the cat went around and under my skirt before crawling back out and letting us take pictures. A couple saw it and stopped to take pictures as well.
This is me cat-whispering.

Seongjun had followed me home but I felt awkward about it and decided to follow him to the bus instead and then walk back home alone. It was nearby anyways and the air was crisp tonight.
It was also nice to be able to walk around and chill without having to hurry to some place like I usually do.

Today was one of the most calm days I had during the trip but those days are also needed once in a while, right?

That was all for now~
Stay tuned for more posts and enjoy the
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(Also, check out the music in "Day 5" since I forgot to add that when I first made the post)

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