Sunday, November 11, 2018

Korea7 | Day 7

For today's adventures, Nick (메드), the guy who called out to me in the subway the other day, had challenged me to of climb the stairs in Haneul Park (하늘공원).

Of course I agreed because no one is to challenge my honor like that.
I don't have many interesting stories from today since we mostly talked about me getting into Yonsei (which he said was the reason he talked to me in the first place) and me hearing about how and why he moved to Korea as a child.

So instead of stories, I'll just share the pictures I took and some relevant comments.
The place was not as high up as I'd thought. 435 steps in total and we'd reached the top!
The weather wasn't great at all that day, which was probably due to the fine dust in the air. But it makes for a great reason to come back during the summer time when the weather is hopefully more clear and all the plants are still alive.
There was something visually pleasing about this sight. Nick had quite a laugh when I tried stepping into the red hydrograins and almost fell.
Strange birdhouses.
At the end of the road was a watchtower
As we approached, we started noticing music. It was upbeat and happy, almost club-like and a bit out of place when looking at the nature around us.
Right below the watchtower was a transportable food stand serviced by an old man.
Just like Namsan Tower and big bridges around the world, people had hung locks on the watchtower.
The pig one here was really cute but I also found it funny how protective people were about their love with that crazy lock to the right.
I'm sure this would be an amazing place to go for a picnic in summer.

The grain/plants here were actually really tall! The entire time we were there, I thought back of stories my mom had told me about how she and her friends (or my aunt?) had played around in the fields when they were kids. It was something I'd always wanted to try as well.
And you know what? I DID get to play in it!
Han River (한강)~
Ideally, high places should be full of slides so you can get down in a fast and fun way. Sadly, Haneul Park did not have this so we had to walk down all the stairs from where we came from.
After our climb, we went looking for a place to eat chicken.
While looking, we came across some people filming (must likely for a drama).
Also this super freaky piece of art that was mostly flat but looked 3-D no matter what angle you looked at it from. Here is my failed attempt to catch it looking flat.
None of us knew the area well and we had a hard time searching for the place we'd found online. After asking around, it was clear that it had closed down a while ago. The place was empty and outside were a bunch of empty boxes. This one had weird English on it.
Our search continued and, in the end, we found food.
It was getting cold so after food, we went to grab something warm.

In the night I did some more work on my paper and found a bunch of chill songs on Youtube. I don't know what genre these songs would count as but they're great for when you're working on something and need to 'get in the zone.'

•°☆~〜Music of the day〜~☆°•

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