Saturday, February 16, 2019

2nd week of the semester


I have now finished my second week of the new semester. Time is going slow for now (this felt like the end of the 3rd week), which I'm actually really happy about. I feel like I'll get more out of the year this way. 2018 went by too fast and I'm planning to make a lot more out of 2019!

I'm already feeling the pressure due to the many pages of homework we have to read as well as the presentations in Korean class - especially because the level of Korean we study now is so much higher.
 Here is some of what we are doing these days: reading texts and retelling them.
If only there were more hours in a day so I had more time to study.

But I'm utilizing my transportation time well by studying in the train. My internal clock has gotten used to waking up this early but to keep it up, I'm also waking up super early on Tuesday (day of no class) and weekends. It gives me a couple of hours of quiet, which is also nice.

Because I spend at least 9 hours on studying on the days that I have class, I value my free day, my weekends, and my bed a lot more when I can just be home and relax.

Another highlight from this week was when I found out that the junior that I have Korean classes with, Anna, had a good knowledge of Korean before getting into our university. Why do I care about that?
Well.. last week I mentioned how I felt bad inferior since she was that much better than me at Korean. That was actually the reason that I did not relax on Tuesday but instead spent all day doing Korean homework.
But after my other underclassmen mentioned how Anna had gone to Korea for summer school etc. before getting into uni, I suddenly felt a lot better. I had unfairly compared myself with her. The feeling of inferiority has turned into that of inspiration.
I also learned the she has these drop-in conversation classes on Thursdays and I plan to go next week with Jasmin.

Speaking of Thursday, this Thursday was Valentine's Day and I'm as single as can be.
It's not even like I'm celebrating the day but still it bothered me a bit this year. Maybe because I actually had a boyfriend last year at this time?
Our Korean teacher was super sweet, though, and brought us little ferrero rocher balls. I think that saved the day for me.

Oh and Nio has come back from Japan! She is taking Videnskabsteori with Jasmin and I so now the Holy Trinity of J-Popcon's maid café is gathered! That excites me. I hope we grow even closer to Nio this semester.
 Videnskabsteori can get pretty dry so Jasmin and I made a deal to bring sweets to class so we won't run out of sugar. I brought chocolate cookies this Wednesday and she brought these chocopie knock offs that her boyfriend, Jaebong (재봉), had brought from Korea when he visited her last month.

The last picture I want to share is one I took while on the train Yesterday. It's not really focused on anything, I just like looking at it because the past few days have been sunny. I've actually been wearing t-shirts for two days now and some days it's no longer jetblack outside at 5am.

Lastly, I want to share with you 4 great songs below:
I don' t wanna get out of futon is a song, by a Japanese rockband, that made me laugh. Ironically, it popped up in my suggested videos on Youtube this morning while I was enjoying not having to get out of bed. In winter, I connect to this song on a spiritual level.

Cold is the newest song by SHINee's Key. It came out 2 days ago and has a very chill vibe. If you have things to do, it's great as background music.

The third video is by the Canadian-Korean youtuber, Suggi, whose channel I found a few days ago. The linked video is his cover of Korean singer Sunmi's (선미) song Siren. I really enjoy his take on the song but if you want to hear an original song by him, I suggest you listen to his song astroboy.

The last song is EXO's Universe. It's not a new song but after it popped up on my karaoke app, I've started listening to it a lot to relax.

Enjoy the
•°☆~〜Music of the day〜~☆°•

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