Saturday, February 9, 2019

First week of the new semester


Today I feel happy.

There are a lot of thoughts on my mind. Good thoughts. A lot of things to blog about, and I'm excited to get started. It might be this inspired feeling that is bringing me here today, or it might be that I just feel at ease for having worked out a couple of things this early in the year.

I'll talk about all of that later. Today I just want to write a little update.

The first week of school is over and I want to share my thoughts.

I've been preparing for this semester mentally for a while since I knew that it was going to be pretty hard in terms of transportation and the expectations I'll have to meet.

My classes are spread out, which means I have to spend a totalt of 24 hours on transportation each week. I also have to wake up at ungodly hours but the good thing is that I get to watch a lot of pretty sunrises. I took this picture on my first day of school!
It's been hard getting used to having to get up so early in the morning (and going to bed at 9pm) but I'm finally getting the hang of it. The first days I had no appetite at 4.30 in the morning but the bakery section in Fakta Q, right beside my university, saved me. 

To best make use of the time, I've tried working out a schedule for how to utilize the time spent on transportation. I'm still figuring out what exactly to do and when but so far I've spent the morning rides reading up on homework for that day's class, and the afternoon preparing text for the next class. When I get more used to waking up this early, I plan to practice Korean as well.

The subjects I'm taking this semester is Korean C, the last and hardest level of Korean offered as part of my degree, and Videnskabsteori.
My Korean teacher, Choi seonsaengnim (최선생님), had twins last summer so my Korean teacher this semester is a new one named Ryu Jaewon (류재원). She's pretty young, really nice, and easy enough to understand so far. I have Korean class with one of my own classmates, Maria, a bunch of hubaes (후배 = my juniors), and two seniors, one, Mark, of whom I've had two classes with before.
During our first class, we had to do a little presentation of ourselves and that's what these notes are from. The new semester will have us do a lot of presentations in Korean, which is why I hope to better my Korean a lot and quickly (but also because one of my juniors is EXTREMELY good at Korean and I kind of feel bad that she's better than me since I, as far as I know, have been studying Korean longer than her).

Videnskabsteori (scientific theory?) is a subject that I'm retaking and the first time I did so, two years ago, was not a success. We were not exactly happy about the teacher, so I was both nervous and looking forward to have this new teacher.
Although I'd heard from sour juniors that this teacher was cool, I was still positively surprised. 
I take Videnskabsteori with Su and Mathilde from my own class, Jasmin, a bunch of other Korean Studies juniors, and a lot of Japan Studies students including Nio and a few volunteers from our maid café.

This teacher is young as well and his way of teaching is a fresh breath of air. We laughed several times during class from a personal stories he told us. As a linguist himself, I feel like he did a great job at including both us and the Japan Studies students.
He was so into what he was teaching. Look at his arm movements!
 And also, emojis in his powerpoint presentations.

Friday, Jasmin and I were supposed to eat lunch/dinner with our friend Sangheon (상헌). He's a Korean, who came to Denmark around the beginning of last year (or end of 2017) to play soccer.
Well, he ended up being sick so Jasmin and I went out to grab crepes before I took the train back home.
Here's a cute picture of Jasmin I took as we were walking.

That's what I had to share for now.

I'm excited for next week but also happy that it's weekend.
I should go read some homework now..

Until next blog post!

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